Exclusive: Anti-trust probers of Congress to ask Spotify to detail, alleged the Apple-abuse – resources

(Reuters) – U.S. lawmakers have requested information from Apple’s (AAPL.D) a critic of Spotify, as part of an antitrust probe, according to two sources briefed on the investigation into allegations that the iPhone-maker is taking in anti-competitive conduct in support of its own apps as well.

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The U.S. House of Representatives, Judiciary Committee members reached a music streaming service with a wide range of requests for information, according to an industry source, who added to it the request of the company, was reduced in the follow-up of the phone.

Spotify Technology SA (AD.(N) filed an antitrust complaint against Apple in the European Union in March, but that it is in contact with the committee, will mark the first major participation at the conference to ask questions in the iPhone-maker, which is Apple’s Music streaming service, Spotify’s biggest rival.

Listen to albums and third-party developers have already stated that Apple is working on anti-competitive behaviour, the imposition of rules that restrict the ability to distribution through the App Store, this is the only way for developers to make more than 900 million of its iPhone users.

At the same time, Apple, and sometimes copies, of the features of their applications to their own offerings, the developers have said. Several of the apps in the App Store, and offered the female cycle, before Apple added the same feature to its own health tracking app, this fall, for example.

Spotify has been on the anti-trust action against Apple for a number of years.

The representatives will have a meeting with the Ministry of Justice, the civil servants, as well as the members of the COMMISSION ” s Technology Task Force, a group of about 17 lawyers, which was set up in February, with a focus on online platforms and other Internet-based law, according to a source.

App developers are complaining that Apple’s Siri, which responds to both verbal commands as well as the control of Apple ‘ s own apps, as long as the functionality is limited, and the vast majority of non-Apple apps, such as Spotify.

Apple has announced an update to its software in June, which would be Siri in order to access Spotify and other services.

Then Music, as the congressional probe that has allowed a lot of companies, for more information about the big four tech companies.

In addition to the Judiciary Committee of the probes, the big tech companies are faced with a plethora of other anti-trust investigation.

The Department of Justice is probing the Alphabet of Google, Facebook and Apple, as well as the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Facebook, and The groups of state attorneys general have also been formed to probe in to Google and Facebook.

Spotify has also complained that the 30 percent fee that Apple charges outside of the app developers sell digital goods such as music or e-books on the App Store, using Apple’s in-app billing system. The Apple bars are app-makers, for the collection of a fee on the App Store of users, links, or buttons that take you to other ways to pay for it.

At a given point in time, Apple told the Music to stop, and the sending of e-mail messages to users that had just signed up for a free version of its streaming-music and ask them to upgrade to the paid service, Spotify, has just said. Spotify has said it is the shifting of the lines, and its threats to block the routine to the app’s updates, it is hard to compete with Apple’s music service will be on a level playing field.

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Asked for comment, Apple referred to its previous comments, which was published in the March up to the program’s claims. The company says that it will force the App to Store the rules to be evenly on all developers, and found that more than eight out of 10 apps are free of charge and will not charge a fee for the App. Apple has also said Spotify will not be charged to the users of the free service or a paid-for Program members who have signed up outside of the App Store.

Apple has said Spotify is paying a share of the proceeds, approximately one half of one percent of the 108 million premium subscribers, payment of the 15% of the cost to about 680,000 customers, which Spotify acquired in between 2014 to 2016, when it is used for Apple’s payment system.

“Even now, it is only a small fraction of their subscriptions are covered under Apple’s revenue-sharing model. Spotify is asking for that number to be zero,” Apple said in a response to Spotify’s claims that it was published in March.

Reporting by Diane Bartz in Washington, dc and Stephen Nellis in San Francisco; Editing by Nick Zieminski

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