Excerpt: ‘Once it was football, a game that is in words left to catch, not in digits’

In both agoraphobia – the best voetbalverhalen’ of Filip Joos writes the well-known voetbalcommentator about people of flesh and blood. offering you an advance copy. ‘Pogba, Lukaku and Neymar are still a person, or are the goods?’

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On a day of wild Jürgen Klopp not more with The Sun speak. The boss of Liverpool is not the first that a newspaper or a tv station in the spell saves. Almost always feels the coach has to be rebuffed, fiercely criticized for a bill or to a tactical choice that are incorrectly extracted.

But that was in this case almost impossible: Klopp is in England, carried on hands, he is the Savior of Liverpool. Sporadically dare anyone to notice that the Reds in the Premier League never less finished than in his first season, and that the Europe Leaguefinale against Sevilla will be very unfamiliar and out of your hands was given, but it is about the Channel raves about the German.

Moreover, Liverpool’s net with 4-0 Barcelona won a practice game, agree, but, in the prestigious surroundings of Wembley – and there was no reason for the tabloid of the tabloids against the shins to kick. “You should listen and write’, said Klopp seemingly affable, ‘and you must above all not personal record, but I don’t talk with you any more as long as you for The Sun”.

Why exactly is he left in limbo. So that was food for speculation. Klopp during his holiday in the history of Liverpool deepened, it was first claimed. After the disaster at Hillsborough in april 1989, where 96 Liverpoolsupporters their lives, there are in the city still krantenboeren who refuse The Sun, to sell. While the dead had to be buried, picked up the newspaper with a shocking message: the fans were drunk, they were urinating on the brave police, the dead were supporters deprived of their possessions and some fans beat police officers in each other while those wounded to the care.

In the spring of 2016, nearly 27 years after the facts, cleared a commission of inquiry, the fans of all blame. It was just the police an overwhelming responsibility carried.

The first match after the publication of the report, I was at Anfield. For the first time sounded ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ not as a gray-played song that is now also in the Bosnian third class is meegebruld, but as a protestsong pur sang.

The findings of the commission were front page news in all the national newspapers, with the exception of The Times (that’s where the stiff upper lip for something in between) and… The Sun.

That turned out to be not the reason for Klopps boycott. The Sun had about a huwelijkscrisis of Dejan Lovren written, Croatian defender of Liverpool. Klopp was there in the weekend already tipped. He thinks that footballers have a right to a private?life, and therefore a boycott, he is now the newspaper. Lovrens wife would be in the arms of a former schoolfriend fled. The Sun sucked some smeui?ge details from the greasy thumb, and came with that one perfidious phrase: ‘Anita Lovren left her husband – who 80.000 euro per week opstrijkt – for her old school friend Dario – a ranger 250 euros per week earn.’

There they were again, the figures. Even in a dingy piece of a tabloid, certainly not in a dingy piece of a tabloid. Always but then again, it is terrible. Wages, transfer fees, severance payments, commissions, bonuses, doorverkooppercentages, Financial Fair Play, rights, articles, foreclosures, grants, gokquota, sponsorship deals, tv money…


Ever was the soccer to the storytellers, it was a game that is in words left to catch

The Horse of Troy-words in which figures shelter. Pogba is the most expensive ever (to Neymar, and that again to the next, but wait ), manager Raiola the craziest commission ever, the Stones, the most expensive defender of all time, Ibrahimovi? that his wages after three weeks has recovered with the truitjesverkoop, Messi a second belastingzaak above the head, Morata for those who Real are terugkooprecht let apply to him than to Chelsea to versluizen.

The voetbalkaternen mutate in economiebladzijden, and the Gazzetta dello Sport is reaping journalists away at The Time, the color of the paper varies little.

Ever was the soccer to the storytellers, it was a game that is in words left to catch. Only at the end, there were two figures, the results, and that was not always righteous.

That was just the strength of the sport: the accident had a large role, not always won the best. Leicester City may be a blessed champion, it remains the exception that proves the rule. The mathematicians take over, the cool frogs win, everything is a number, of the bib along weekly wage about cup size from friend to number of followers on Instagram, all numbers that are in one giant matrix deposit. That in turn leads to the holy grail of the sport we once knew as football: the fair market value of the players.

There is only one way to get the sport back to the word: again, not more than three foreigners per team. That would be a lot of problems. But that should not of Europe, because it is in conflict with the free movement of goods and persons – are Pogba, Lukaku and Neymar, incidentally, is still a person, or are the goods?

Anyway, it is time for a referendum. What the United Kingdom can, the football also. Exit from Europe.

That 96 of Hillsbrough, the 39 of Heysel, 74 of Port Said Stadium, which are the voetbalcijfers that we may never forget. The rest is ballast. For the ball to be a burden.

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