Excellent culinary addresses in Roeselare, Kortrijk and Gent

There are too many to mention: all the tasty addresses that the Leie region has to offer. A selection of culinary gems in and around Roeselare, Kortrijk and Ghent.

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Ma Passion in Roeselare

The restaurant is found in an old first name brouwershuis. On the roof is a turret made of copper, hence the nickname ‘the Vatican’. Chef Kris Verscheure has three years of experience in the Convent and five years in a Carmelite, and he is a Knight of the Truffelorde. There is only one menu, which in the short or long version, or in each individual dish can be taken.

Ma Passion: Diksmuidsesteenweg 159, 8800 Roeselare

Boury in Roeselare

Boury is Tim Boury, the former sous-chef of Oud Sluis, and his wife Inge Waeles, who was promoted to sous chef of the Auberge du Pecheur and in Boury responsible for operation and receipt. The two passionate young people with impressive service opened in may of 2016 the doors in a building from 1952. The secret annex was expanded and enriched with a glass-enclosed dining room. In the heraangelegde garden came in the wake of the spacious terrace, a bar with outdoor kitchen. The style in the dining room refers to the fifties. The menu mentions only menus. Do you want to eat à la carte, then you can get the dishes from the large menu to be ordered separately. What we ate was flawless of quality, preparation and presentation.

Boury: Rumbeeksesteenweg 300, 8800 Roeselare.

La Period in Izegem

Owner and chef Angelo Rosseel was one of the best cooks that Geert Van Hecke ever in the kitchen of The Carmelite has had. A meal in La Period is a feast framed with many amuusjes and mignardises. The wine list is impressive.

La Period: Leenstraat 2, 8870 Izegem

the Difference in Gits/Hooglede

Tom Cloet worked for three years at bistro Novo, in Roeselare. In his own kitchen surrounds himself with first class local products, such as vegetables of bioboeren, foie gras, matured Belgian white-blue and fish from the North sea. Its preparations are a little complicated and therefore the genuine taste.

Bistro ‘t verschil: Bruggesteenweg 42, B-8830 Gits/Hooglede.

The Bull in Roeselare

In this dim-lit pub come ardent whiskyliefhebbers together. There are 400 different brands in one spot can consume. For a bottle to take home, there is a choice of 2,500 different brands. In the rear hall are eleven American pool tables.

The Bull, Myriam’s Whiskyshop: St. Amandsstraat 77, 8800 Roeselare.

Winery Vanden Bulcke in Roeselare

This forty year old winery is especially known for its traditional wines from the Bordeaux and Côte du Rhone, but the range is gradually extended with trouvailles from the Burgundy region, with organic wines. As a foodie departs Rik Balcaen from the gastronomy.

Winery Vanden Bulcke: Hugo Veriesststraat 92 To 100.

Hotel Damier in Kortrijk

West-Vlaanderen has a high concentration of young culinary talent. It also fits Damier, an old hotel with young chefs who are responsible for current culinary fireworks.

Hotel Damier dates from 1398, it has a façade from 1769, and belongs to the cultural heritage. The hotspot is on the Market and has a stylish brown café and a gourmet restaurant. The City entrepreneur Yvan Vindevogel bought the oldest hotel of our country in 2011 and pumped new blood in.

Hotel Damier: Grote Markt 41, 8500 Kortrijk

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Table d’amis in Kortrijk

Top chef Matthieu Beudaert is an art historian by training and worked in the Royal Museum of Fine Arts when he signed up for the Knack Weekend contest “hobby cook of the Year’. He had a four-year evening school cooking followed. Matthieu won with shine and was first caterer.

In 2009, he opened with his wife Sofie, a private restaurant: Table d’Amis, a modern gourmet restaurant. Today is Matthieu Beudaert a respected chef of a restaurant with a Michelin star. He cooks with reason and with feeling. His dishes are modern, pure and balanced: nothing too much and nothing too little, everything is right and everything is nice.

Table d’amis, St. Maartenskerkhof 88500 Kortrijk

Patisserie Vercruysse in Kortrijk

For the best chocolate and “morning goods Française” with Normandy butter is one in patisserie Vercruysse in the right place. Geert Vercruysse received a first-class international training with renowned pastry shops like Wittamer, Fauchon, Schoemacher and Huize van Wely. He uses fresh products, such as Australian chocolate Daintree estates, which he himself enters.

Geert works alone in the studio and Jutta monitored the store. There are always about thirty chocolates with exotic flavors available, various types of ice cream, macarons, pastries, etc.

Patisserie Vercruysse: Doorniksewijk 115-117, 8500 Kortrijk.

The Flying Carpet in Marke

Felix Francois was educated in Ter Groene Poorte and did an additional year of wine – and drankenkennis. He cooked for two years in the Old Rabbit in Waregem, and four years in La Period in Izegem. Woman Nel Desmet attended adult education at Spermalie and went to work in the hall of hotel Messeyne in Kortrijk and in the kitchen, in restaurant Culinary in Lauwe. The two names in the artistic bistro on the parents of Felix.

The decor and the unpretentious atmosphere of the brown panelling and cushioned bistro remained intact. The menu is concise and on the drinks menu one can find both wines and beers. Felix François has talent and taste: he uses modern techniques and used lovely products.

Restaurant The Flying Carpet: Pottelberg 189, 8510 Marke

Va et Vient in Kortrijk

Matthias Speybrouck was the right hand of Kobe Asparagus in the Wulf and in the Display case. He also worked in the kitchen of Sergio Herman at Oud Sluis. The father of Matthias is an antiques dealer and owner of the old stapelhuis on the Leie river, where Matthias his own restaurant opened. Patrick Six from Ensemble-One Stop Office took care of the interior and deferred to the roughness of the building. Glass, concrete and brick prevail.

From the dining room one can see the young chefs in the by Maes Inox designed keukenlab. There is no menu: everyone eats what the pot schaft: a menu, served in three, four or five courses. . Is young and will get assistance from the cooks, who take care of their preparations to deploy. In Va et Vient “done to “bistronomie”. The dishes are recognizable and mild spiced.

Restaurant Va et Vient: Handboogstraat 20, 8500 Kortrijk.

Hotel-restaurant Messeyne in Kortrijk

The property Messeyne is located in the historically valuable Groeningestraat and would to 1622 as monastery have been. The house was in 1998, bought by Marie-Paule Vanderstraeten, that experience gained with the operation of the renowned City Park Hotel. The city took the restoration of the garden to her and Marie-Paule Vanderstraeten converted the historic building into a comfortable boutique hotel, which old elements combines with modern touches and contemporary comfort.

Messeyne features a spa and wellness centre and a busy restaurant. Chef, Klaas Lauwers. He was trained in well-known restaurants (Apriori, Hof van Cleve, Marcus) and are market-driven preparations are inspired by the Belgian and French cuisine and the prices are correct.

Hotel-restaurant Messeyne: Groeningestraat 17, 8500 Kortrijk.

Bistro Parkhotel in Kortrijk

The stately Parkhotel is located at the train station and makes many decades part of the city life. The facility underwent a metamorphosis, the park Hotel is now a modern and comfortable hotel with design objects, sauna, jacuzzi and solarium, press frequented restaurant, bodega, conference rooms and business centre.

The restaurant is in Kortrijkzanen popular because of the tasty preparations from the Belgian kitchen, with kindness, to be served at fair prices. In the classics there is a genuine koninginnehapje or beef stew of varkenswangen in Rodenbach with applesauce and French fries. The bistro remains open for a drink, coffee or dessert buffets.

Parkhotel Stationsplein 2, 8500 Kortrijk.

Deylgat Claude Caterer in Kortrijk

If one wants something at home to eat what a restaurant is finished, then there is the traiteurwinkel of Claude Deylgat. He opts for high-quality products and sells his dishes in individual portions. The range is wide and goes from simple preparations to more refined dishes such as potatoes with shrimp and truffle, langoustine tails in kataifi with tartare sauce, truffle of goose liver with quince compote or pan-fried sea bass with risotto and butternut. Caterer Deylgat cooks in the home and has a good clientele and have developed.

Caterer Deylgat: Pottelberg 111, 8500 Kortrijk.

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Restaurant Public in Ghent

Olly Ceulenaere was one of the founding members of The Flemish Foodies. He studied at Ter Groene Poorte, was sous-chef in The Snippe worked in the brigade of La maison Troisgros, went three years to work in Hof van Cleve, did the start-up of Kasteel Withof in Brasschaat and put Volta in Gent on the track.

The time was ripe for a private matter, and Olly took the huiskamerrestaurant The Evenings. The dining room was with the help of architect and scenographer Karel Vanhooren refurbished to a space with different moods (romantic, gastronomic or business). Olly kokkerelt excellent, with a leading role for affordable seizoenproducten of their own soil.

Public, Ham 39, 9000 Gent

Volta in Ghent

The restaurant opened in late 2010 in an earlier omvormingsstation to the Nieuwewandeling. The building with a ridge of twelve meters high, retained most of its industrial value.

The engine behind this unusual project is the Ghent catering entrepreneur Peter Vyncke (brasserie Core, grill, Nestor and Sparrerib Caffee). In the kitchen, the 26 year-old Dave De Pourcq. He went in the doctrine of Hof van Cleve, Oud Sluis and Auberge du Pêcheur and followed internships at topslager Hendrick Dierendonck. Davy De Pourcq is ambitious and processed craft area and seizoenproducten in an original way.

Restaurant Volta, New Walk 2b, 9000 Gent, belgium

Restaurant Horseele in Ghent

Michelin-starred chef Danny Horseele (‘t Mill, restaurant Danny Horseele) can count on gourmands that are not on a eurootje have to look. On August 28, 2013, the much talked-about cook above the water in Ghent, where he was hired to be the elitekantine of the Ghelamco Arena to operate.

From the restaurant overlooking it partially from the field of KAA Gent. The productkeuken of Horseele is refined in its simplicity, and is full of intense flavours.

Restaurant Horseele, Ghelamco Arena, Ottergemsesteenweg Zuid, b-9000 Ghent, Entrance H, 4th floor

The Supermarket in Ghent

The bakkerszaak annex bread, grill, and pizza restaurant Supermarket is a project of superkok Kobe Asparagus (In de Wulf, case) and his closest collaborators, Rose Greene, and Sarah Lemke.

In The Supermarket, everything revolves around manually baked sourdough bread, made with flour from organic grains, ground in the old windmill. Sarah Lemke learned sourdough baking in the United States.

All the products come from producers with whom there is a close relationship, and who is also on the menu are listed. In the three cases, we eat so living, healthy products. The kitchen plays on the seizoenaanbod, so that everything is permanently changing.

The Supermarket, Guldenspoorstraat 29, 9000 Gent

Restaurant Vrijmoed in Gent

Michaël Vrijmoed worked for eight years at Hof van Cleve, and was responsible for a team of seventeen chefs. On 1 march 2013 he opened his own restaurant, the place where, formerly restaurant l’Odieux situation.

From the first day was the influx of large. The dining room has atmosphere and the tables are well lit. On the comfortable chairs there is a varied audience, including strikingly many of the young people. The menu is transparent and the wine list offers wide choice of between 30 and 50 euro. Michaël Vrijmoed brings pure, gently spiced preparations full of natural flavours.

Restaurant Vrijmoed, Vlaanderenstraat 22, 9000 Ghent, Belgium.

Pastry shop and chocolaterie Joost Following in Ghent

Joost Following is a craftsman, who apprenticed with renowned pastry chefs like Mahieu and Marc Ducobu. He got a place as a chef-pastry chef in the kitchen of Hof van Cleve. In 2013 he opened his own business. Behind the glass show off the beautiful truffles, which is in itself designed designdozen go out the door. The sweets looks innovative, but the flavors are classic and pure.

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In the construction of the festive cakes play variations of textures, sweet-and-sour contrasts of sugar and fruit, and the smooth softness of creams and mousses an important role. Popular are brightly colored macarons with the rounded flavours of salted butter scotch, cassis or raspberry.

Pastry shop and chocolaterie Joost Following. Vlaanderenstraat 24, 9000 Ghent, Belgium.

Café Theatre in Ghent

Restaurant-bar Café Theatre is an elegant brasserie with a metropolitan style and is located under the roof of the opera house. Café Theatre is a permanent place where the bourgeoisie meet for a cozy chat and nibble. The case has a busy “va-et-vient”, especially since there is an attractive bar has been added.

Café Theatre is buzzing, and the positive atmosphere is enhanced by the ever-cheerful girls and boys, which is the operation part. They serve classic dishes of Belgian cuisine and brasserie-style international cuisine. Enduring successes are shrimp and rundtartaar, that order is ground in a cooled meat grinder.

Restaurant-bar Café Theatre Schouwburgstraat 5, 9000 Gent

J. E. F in Ghent

In J. E. F correct the picture: good food in a pleasant atmosphere and at a reasonable price. J. E. F is Jason Blanckaert and wife, Famke Dequidt. Jason is known as one of the founding members of The Flemish Foodies. He received a good education, and was a chef in the kitchen of Marcus in Deerlijk and in the Ghent brasserie C-Jean, that by his actions a Michelin star, acquired.

Famke is binnenhuisvormgeefster of appeal. In the design they made use of recycled materials. Everything is kept simple. That simplification can be found in the décor, the presentation of the food and the content of the board. Everything has personality, style and taste.

J. E. F., Lange Steenstraat 10, 9000 Ghent, Belgium.

Max in Ghent

More than 170 years and six generations, bakes it at Max authentic Brussels waffles. Until 1976 drew except for the waffle bakery with richly decorated stalls and stylishly dressed staff from fairground to fairground throughout the country. Fifteen years of back region Max down in the historic building with a gold leaf beschil third falcon on the facade.

Original, precious decorative elements from the spiegelzalen of the previous century were integrated in the current decor. Great-grandson, Yves Van Maldegem claims that Maximilien Consael the inventor of the Brussels waffle and the appelbeignet.

Max, Golden Leeuwplein 3, 9000 Ghent

Yuzu in Ghent

Archaeologist and art historian Nicolas Vanaise has always something with chocolate. The attraction was so great that he Yuzu opened, a zen decorated tiny shop. The limited space required the chocoladefreak to restrain themselves. Be are chocolate articles more and more subtle.

The repertoire consists of colorful minipralines and macarons, tea, and ice cream. The ‘feel good’ chocolate is filled with a ganache of chocolate and organic soy cream, making the pieces light and healthy. Almond and black truffle, tobacco and whisky are popular flavors. The various pieces are next to each other presented in a festive box. Everything is neat and organized: for instance, a perfectionist, Nicolas Vanaise.

Yuzu, Walpoortstraat 11, 9000 Gent

Tierenteyn-Verlent Ghent

In the historic shop, Tierenteyn-Verlent is since 1860 and has not changed a bit. The door to the office was half-open and when to look, it is as if the clock has stood still.

Mustard make can be done Nowadays since 1790 in the same way. In the basement is six to seven times per day, fresh mustard, prepared. The knit out so the eyes start to tears. In the shop creates fresh mustard with a wooden spoon from a wooden barrel in jars. Without cooling, continues to be the mustard is only good for two days and in the fridge is mustard up to six months.

Tierenteyn-Verlent, Vegetable Market 3, 9000 Ghent, Belgium.

Brasserie Vinois in Deurle

Vinois, more than twenty years and to the category “imperishable breweries” be counted. The cozy atmosphere, the tasty food and the owner Véronique De Vos are the constants. The chefs change frequently. Véronique ensures that the classics of the house back regularly to be performed: mergpijp with toast, croquettes of shrimp or sweetbreads, bouillabaisse with rouille and Parmesantoast, rundtartaar with truffle aroma, beef stew with kasteelbier.

Brasserie Vinois, Ph. The Denterghemlaan 31, 9831 Deurle

Oak in Ghent

The restaurant was created by Marcelo Ballardin and partner Dominik D’hooge. Marcelo is from Brazil, lived seven years in America and came to Ghent to biology to study. Because the studies in the Dutch language were hard, started on His cooking. After the Cordon Bleu School in London, he is at Duke, Jan went to work. In Pure C, he was development chef and he stood next to Syrco Bakker.

Oak, Rue Haute, 167, 9000 Ghent, Belgium.

Brasserie Boulevard in Sint-Martens-Latem

This modern brasserie was by two young horecaondernemers in the market. Thomas Schmidt and Sam D’huyvetter come all two from De Pinte and in the Court of Cleve worked. There were plans to set up a private business to open. A former pitarestaurant got a new, cosy décor, with high chairs at a bar overlooking the kitchen.

The zaalgebeuren state under the auspices of Thomas Schmidt. He fell already in Hof van Cleve, by his flair. Most of the dishes on the menu are traditional. The basis is already hard enough: if you are governed then you are always a winner.

Brasserie Boulevard, Kortrijksesteenweg 175, 9830 Sint-Martens-Latem

Jour de Fête in Genet

Bruno Matthys and Marie Cloquet grew a gordijnwinkel in a typical building from the ’50s to weekendrestaurant. “Jour de Fête” was the name, to the movies of Jacques Tati. The restaurant caught on because there was gekokkereld with simple but tasty products. The promoter of the Zebra-project, where living, culture and events come together, and was looking for a catering operation for the restaurant on the ground floor. Bruno Matthys and Marie Cloquet are boarded and moved pots and pans.

The artistic decor in vintage atmosphere is the hand of Marie Cloquet, who is also a visual artist. The menu lists simple seasonal dishes prepared from fresh ingredients and with southern key.

Jour de Fête, New Zebra, Gustaaf Callierlaan 233, 9000 Ghent, belgium

Traiteur Toulouse in Ghent

Fabian and Martin are running their Caterer Toulouse with passion. In their long verstoog it is difficult to choose from the many fresh vegetable products, the tasty daily specials, home-cooked meats and the exquisite selection of fine cheeses. Toulouse is based on two main principles: freshness and product.

In the spacious kitchen at the back of the case they make all the dishes myself ready. With the wide variety of fresh daily specials there is always a choice of meat, fish or vegetarian. It’s a fabulous feast of the tajine with lamb and quinces, or the red mullet with miso of shiitake, mangetout, sobanoedels, ginger and bok choy. Each week they draw up new dishes together, always with an original touch. In the case there are also a number of tables where you have a lunch (the map differs, incidentally, from the traiteursassortiment) can enjoy.

Traiteur Toulouse, Koningin Elisabethlaan 41, 9000 Ghent, Belgium.

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