Ex-Ukraine’s state Prosecutor said he was told to back out of the probe Biden-linked-companies, files show

nearvideo Ukraine controversy brings the focus on Hunter Biden Wallpaper

New questions about Ukraine, the former Vice-President of Joe’s Biden ‘ son, Mark Meredith reports from Washington.

The dismissed state’s attorney in the middle of the Ukraine-controversy said in a private conversation with the President of Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani earlier this year that he was told to back off of an investigation into a natural gas company, was with Joe’s Biden’s son, according to the particulars of this conversation were passed to the Congress by the state Department inspector General Wednesday.

Fox News received a copy of Giuliani’s notes of his February 2019 interview triggered by the Ukrainian Prosecutor Viktor Shokin, in which he claimed that his “investigations stopped-out of fear of the United States.”

“Mr. Shokin tried to continue the investigations, but said on or around June or July 2015, the American Ambassador Geoffrey R. Pyatt him that the investigation must be treated to do with white gloves, which meant, according to Mr. Shokin, the nothing,” the notes from the interview said.


Then-Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin speaks at a press conference in Kiev, Ukraine, February 2, 2015.
(REUTERS/Valentin Ogirenko, file)

Shokin was fired in April 2016, and his case was closed”, by which the current Prosecutor-General Yuriy Lutsenko,” according to the notes. In spite of its claims, Shokin, on both sides of the Atlantic, was widely accused of corruption.

To overthrow Biden, who strives to be President of the Trump in the year 2020, once the famous boasted in front of the camera, when he was Vice-President and the spearhead of the Obama administration’s Ukraine policy, which he successfully pressure the Ukraine to fire Shokin, who was the top Prosecutor at the time, in order to investigate, Burisma Holdings, where the hunters had a lucrative role on the Board.

Allies of the Democrats, though, claimed that his intervention had to do in the firing of Shokin nothing to with his son, but was tied to corruption concerns. The Biden campaign has also slammed Giuliani, the interviewees Shokin to the file, and blasted the media for the transmission time. The campaign, NBC News, CBS News, Fox News, and CNN-voice wrote “serious concern, to book that you still, Rudy Giuliani to air conspiracy theories spreading of false, debunked in order to Donald Trump.”

“The substance, the discredited, the President of Trump and Rudy Giuliani claims was flatly,” Biden, Deputy campaign Manager Kate Bedingfield said last week. “This is not Biden a claim from the campaign or Joe. This is an irrefutable fact.”

However, Shokin, at the time, after the interview, the investigation Mykola Zlochevsky, the former minister for ecology and natural resources of Ukraine — is also the founder of Burisma. Hunter Biden was appointed to the Board of Directors of the company, the alleged Shokin was appointed by Zlochevsky “to protect themselves.”

The interview was supposedly from Giuliani was conducted on Jan. 23, 2019 in an office on Park Avenue in New York City. Shokin was interviewed over the phone, and the interpreter were used in the Ukraine and in New York, according to the notes, the by Fox News.

The new documents were shared with Fox News from sources held to be familiar with the “urgent” briefing from the State Department Inspector General Steve Linick on Wednesday.


Linick gave a closed-door briefing in the Ukraine, volunteers from the Senate committees on Intelligence, international relations, appropriations, and homeland security, as well as helpers from the house committees on Foreign Affairs, intelligence, appropriations, and oversight. The briefing lasted about an hour and took place in a sensitive compartmented information facility ” (SCIF) on Capitol Hill Wednesday afternoon.

Linick together a file with those in the briefing, in which a plurality of folders with the Trump Hotel logo on it. In the folders of notes from an interview of Giuliani in January 2019 with Shokin, and Lutsenko were. Another folder contained news clips, as well as several timelines on investigations in relation to Burisma.

A State Department spokesman on Wednesday confirmed to Fox News that the “relevant” materials Linick, jointly with the Congress, “provided by the Department, General inspector at the 3. May 2019 for his report and for such measures which the inspector General deems appropriate.”


Linick told the helper in the session that the package of information in the spring, but not the sender know. Linick sent it to the FBI, because of allegations of improper activities in the Ukraine, were outside its jurisdiction, according to sources familiar with the meeting. Last week, though, Linick was given the permission to share by the FBI for the files with the Congress and said they were relevant to the Congress of the interviews carried out, depending on the source.

The documents came in the midst of the chaos to Trump’s July 25 phone conversation with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, in which he sought an investigation of Ukraine of shops, as well as his son Biden. This call triggered a formal impeachment inquiry in the house of representatives and was the Trump-administration before a new round of coercion.

In the midst of the rapidly the impeachment inquiry conducted by the house Democrats who flipped to the details in the folder, by the State Department inspector general, the trump-management-fuel-his claim, the surrounded real scandal, the three-piece could. But Democrats have already cast the files as “debunks conspiracy theories” and “propaganda”.

“The briefing, and the documents raise troubling questions about the obvious efforts within and outside of the Trump administration, to certain officials, including former Vice-President Joe Biden’ s son, and then-U.S. Ambassador in Ukraine, Masha Yovanovitch, who was abruptly removed as Ambassador, in may, after a sustained campaign against the President’s agent, Rudy Giuliani,” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Eliot Engel, D-NY, and Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings, D-Md., said in a statement late Wednesday.

“The documents of the general inspector include a package of disinformation debunked conspiracy theories and baseless accusations in an envelope marked “White House” contains a folder with the inscription ” Trump Hotel.’ These documents are also the concern of the increase that the President and his allies sought to the machinery of the State Department the President’s personal political interests.”


Meanwhile, the sources are interview common sides of the Shokin with Fox News, which revealed that in February 2016, prior to its dismissal, there were guaranteed to be placed on the accounts of “several people in the Ukraine.”


“There were requests for information on Hunter Biden, to receive which was not to be,” Shokin said, according to the notes. “It is believed that Hunter Biden, receives a salary, Commission, plus one million dollars. There are no documents or information on Hunter were Biden, and Mr. Shokin declares that he was warned to stop Ambassador Geoffrey R. Pyatt.”

To examine the notes, that “the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, Mr Shokin said, adding Burisma so it was not in the interest of Joe and/or Hunter Biden. Mr. Shokin was called in Mr Poroshenko’s office said that the investigation into Burisma and the managing Director, where Hunter Biden is on the Board, has caused Joe Biden to hold up to a billion dollars in US aid to Ukraine.”

Shokin then, Giuliani said, after noting that “in or around April of 2016,” Poroshenko, ” – said of him, he had to be fired, as the assistance to Ukraine has been held back from Joe Biden.”

In spite of Biden, the allies denies Biden does not hold back his involvement in the firing of Shokin, allegedly threatened, $triggered $ 1 billion in critical U.S. aid, if Shokin was.

Shokin is also claimed, on the basis of the notes, the Ambassador Marie L. Yovanovitch denied him a visa in the USA to travel, and claimed it was because “Biden is in the vicinity of Mr..”

Meanwhile, the intelligence community whistleblower filed a complaint about the trump card, the call with Zelensky, claimed that he had requested to help a foreign power to influence the 2020 presidential election.

But Democrats have claimed that the Trump-Zelensky-call revealed a quid pro quo, namely, Trump tied its application to the investigation of the three-part military assistance. It was reported, though, that trump also calls his employees ordered to freeze almost $ 400 million in assistance to Ukraine for a couple of days before it heats up the call with Zelensky, a detail, the charges, leading to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., the announcement of the formal impeachment inquiry last week. However, the call is not a transcript of the show Trump not to mention the development aid as a means of pressure or otherwise.


As part of the impeachment inquiry, house Democrats have download Giuliani for important documents in connection with the Ukraine controversy. They also have Secretary of state Mike invited Pompeo and are expected to get to, deposits of almost a half-dozen State Department called the whistleblower complaint.

A source told Fox News that before the “urgent” briefing Wednesday, it was reported that Linick would be to discuss the alleged retaliation against those who the State Department prior to their statements, but the source told Fox News that Linick, said there had been no complaints of retaliation filed with his office.

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