Ex-topturnsters US act in publicity about sexual abuse


Ex-topturnsters US act in publicity about sexual abuse

Three former American topturnsters are in the public eye came about alleged sexual abuse by teamdokter Larry Nassar, 2015 after nearly thirty years was dismissed by the U.s. turnbond.

Since september of last year have already more than sixty women reported that Nassar accuse of sexual abuse, but Jamie Dantzscher, Jessica Howard and Jeanette Antolin are the first ones there on camera and talked about.

The three told the Sunday in the CBS program 60 Minutes that Nassar them many years of inappropriate touching while he handled them.

“He went with his fingers in me,” said Dantzscher, who in 2000 at the Sydney Olympics in the American turnploeg was that bronze medal in the nations cup. “He told me that I was a ‘plop’ would feel like, and that’s my hips back, and the pain in my back would fix the problem.”

Dantzscher was from her young teens to her eighteenth with great regularity treated by Nassar. She was in her own words-usually only with the osteopath, which is against the rules of the American turnbond.

Is USA Gymnastics doing enough to protect young gymnasts from sexual abuse? @DrLaPook reports


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According Dantzscher she had not at that time by that Nassar something wrong, did. The doctor took according to her, a positive note in the hard culture of the coaches of the American topturnsters, Bela and Martha Karolyi.

“He was a friend”, also suggested Antolin, who between 1995 and 2000 was part of the American turnteam. “He was someone with whom we chatted while we were treated when we have a heavy day had been. He was a listening ear, he could make us laugh.”

Antolin knew as a teenager that the behavior of Nassar was wrong. “It was a treat. You complain not about a treatment.”


Nassar has been discredited. The American newspaper The Indianapolis Star published september last year a comprehensive examination in which the doctor was accused of sexual abuse.

The American turnbond reported then that she Nassar a year and a half earlier had dismissed because of allegations about abuse. Chairman Steve Penny repeated this Sunday against 60 Minutes. “We heard in June 2015 for the first time of these allegations. We are shocked that someone young athletes or children in this way would be exploiting them.”

There are currently two lawsuits against Nassar, who always denied that he had done wrong. These things have nothing to do with his work at the turnbond.

The doctor is by a now 25-year-old woman accused that he her between her sixth and twelfth have abused. In another case he is accused of possession of thousands of images of child pornography.

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