Ex-SBS programmabaas, Remko van Westerloo, is network manager NPO1

Remko van Westerloo, who was previously programme director, it was more Like 5, Talpa, and SBS6, working for the public broadcasting system. He will be available by July 1, the role of an interim network manager, which is now being carried out by the French to be Small.

In his will, Of Westerloo, reporting to a director that will be responsible for the complete television programming on NPO1. He also performed the function of a network manager temporarily in addition to his work as the director of the Video.

The network manager works in conjunction with other netmanagers, zenderredacties, networks, and management of Video and discuss what’s best for the profile fit.

Currently experimenting with the NPO, with the genrecoördinatoren, which, together with the zenderteams to work in an integrated programme. For this reason, the function of the network manager is temporarily detected due to a Small. Due to the hustle and bustle of, inter alia, the organisation of the Eurovision song Contest, in search of a temporary assignment, the function of which is Van Westerloo to be consumed.

“NPO1 with its products each and every day to see that, in spite of the increased competition and the fragmentation is still possible to get millions of people to achieve a strong, substantive programs, to which the public values that stand out,” says Van Westerloo. “It is a great base from which to build and can be.”

“Remco van Westerloo is understood in the art, the programming, and it also has a good sense of the public value and quality,” adds a Little toe.

Public service broadcasting are going to be in 2021 change in

The public broadcasting system over the next few years, a lot has changed. For example, the government’s plan for the public service broadcaster until 20: 00 hours, free of advertising and will be NPO3 is of a regional character.

Last Friday, the council of ministers adopted the plan of the minister of state for primary and Secondary schools and in the Media, Arie Slob of the public broadcaster is partly ad-free to. The prime minister hopes that the public broadcaster is more future proof. It is intended that this plan, in 2021 a reality.

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