Ex-PSV’er Van der Doelen sings seven sins on fifth studio album

In the name Björn van der Doelen, many people will meet the footballer in a PSV shirt thinking. The now 42-year-old Dutchman is, however, already twelve years musician has with his fifth studio album, Reverend Father, Bless Me For I Have Sinned a striking plate is released.

“I saw a movie with Josh Brolin (Hail, Caesar!, ed.) in which his character in the priest at confession. I saw it as album art for me and the theme for the album was born. The seven deadly sins in seven songs are sung,” says Van der Doelen in conversation with

Although he is the theme for saw, was it a difficult process to numbers in. “The songs start with ideas on the guitar, and then I later the colour and the story.”

“Where the inspiration come from? I get it mainly from my own life. And those are the themes that go through my mind. I always write in the I-form, but it’s not always about me. Every house has its cross. That is what fits the name of the album is perfect.”

‘Number is somewhere zelftherapie’

The difficulty level of the texts is different than other numbers. Still want Van der Doelen close to his conviction remain. “A song is somewhere zelftherapie, without the greater to make than it is. People who listen to it as a piece of processing to use. I have of previous songs heard a million times that they hope and solace offered. I hope that with this plate again to reach. If no one is there something to find what you create, you have no reason to go through with it.”

The in Goirle born former professional footballer knows his own limitations. “I can’t very much. What I can, should I creative packaging without repeat myself. The first two albums were exercises, the last three I feel good. I’ve got a form found to be my stories to tell. You could almost intelligible rap. It is, however, own what I create, and you can like or dislike. I have not invented, to hear. We are the only not used to in our own language.”


Björn van der Doelen – Seven sins

Income not incentive to make music

Van der Doelen makes say music because he likes it. “Of course it is nice to have a good review to read, but I do not. I try something of life and I have the freedom that I with my hobby can do. No, the yields are not my motivation. I have a voetbalpensioen, that gives financial security and freedom.”

The musician doesn’t know how long he still continues to make music. “I live at the time of the day. Maybe I’m on my fiftieth ready to go. I have anyway, not a career for myself out to do, because I want nothing plan and just do fun things.”

Van der Doelen ever wants to Pinkpop are

One of those things would have to be pronounced Van der Doelen a gig on his favorite festival. “It will probably never happen, but I would like to agree a time on Pinkpop. I am fifteen years as a visitor to go. My music is a very different genre than they normally book, but who knows. I still need something to dream of love.”

At the plate, Reverend Father, Bless Me For I Have Sinned is also a theatre tour. Voltage for that series of shows has Of of the Goals. “I have on my eighteenth at the Nou Camp stood, ‘ve played football on the sacred turf of Wembley. I’m so used to quite a lot and find it especially nice that I was with The Mercenaries (the band, red.) on the path may be. In theatres works what I do. In between the songs I tell what the lighter side of stories. This variation must be, because otherwise nobody comes back.”

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