Ex-Ohio State wrestler of the E-Mails to Rep. Jim Jordan claim cover-up ‘vile’ sex abuse

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Jordan argues that vehemently know of the Ohio State sexual abuse

To ignore the High-profile Republican Congressman accused, allegations, while coaching wrestling at the University; correspondent Ellison Barber reports what both sides say.

A former Ohio State University wrestler told Fox News on Thursday that he will help on a series of E-Mails Rep. Jim Jordan about alleged sexual abuse by a team doctor in an effort “to realize it, he needed a step forward, and lead [and] cut through the BS at Ohio State.”

Michael DiSabato, the Ohio Republican, a two-time NCAA wrestling champion at the University of Wisconsin and a former Ohio State assistant coach who turn a blind eye accused, the accusations against Richard Strauss, died in the year 2005.

To know the beginning of this week, Jordan’s office refused all charges against Strauss. Jordan has not responded to a request for comment for this story.

“Congressman Jordan’s never seen the abuse, never heard about a case of abuse, and had never reported any abuse to him during his time as a coach at Ohio State,” spokesman Ian Fury told Fox News.

DiSabato told Fox News that Jordan’s reaction to his claims was “disappointing. The position he took was breathtaking at the best. He decided to double. Triple-down”.

U.S. Capitol Police review of the E-Mails sent Jordan of DiSabato, some of which date back to March. Sources tell Fox News that Jordan had previously forwarded E-Mails, Chief of Staff, Kevin Eichinger, and Jordan’s attorney. However, an E-Mail sent by DiSabato at 4:30 PM on Wednesday was “the last straw” and asked Jordan to warn of the Capitol Police.

Fox News has obtained two E-Mails to be sent to the Jordan, to decipher of which is the most difficult, and riddled with emojis. Both of these messages — from the 6. May and 15. June, and with the subject line “WINTER IS here” – they seem to be legend Archie Griffin, and former NCAA official Oliver luck, the father of Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck to the Ohio State football.

“I includes BCC over 250 of my VO BROTHERS, who WERE RAPED and/or sexual prayed [sic] on a daily basis under the Buckeye-banner, you want to tie your brand …”, – stated in the may 6 E-Mail with the phrase: “#RapeCoverUpAWayOfLife.”

“VO” is displayed, refer to the University O, an alumni organization for the former Ohio State athletes.

The June 15 E-Mail reads, in part: “Please Jesus look down on us and deliver us out of the international news agencies that are going to offer in the establishment of business in columbus [sic], and Urbana, Ohio, this fall daily updates on the most evil of sex abuse and abuse of power and scandal in the modern American history of higher education and to sport.”

The E-Mail Jordan referred to as the “Reverend James – the “squeaky clean’ U.S. Congressman from Urbana, not remind you of systemic sexual abuse and has never heard of agent orange, tell a lie and the speaker of the house will need in spite of his apparent lack of knowledge about the systemic sex abuse….”

Male athletes from 14 different sports at Ohio State have reported alleged sexual misconduct by Strauss, the work on the faculty and medical staff, and has published a variety of research.

Ohio State has not released details about the claims, but said that more than 150 former students and witnesses have been interviewed so far. The school urged anyone with information to Strauss please contact the independent investigators from the Seattle-based law firm Perkins Coie.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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