Ex-Obama-intel-bosses hunt in Trump from the sidelines in the midst of concern about the politicisation of the agencies

Once upon a time, former intel chief has restrained and non-partisan tone in public. Now, you political struggles diving right in to the mud of today’s bitter.

And the current battle between law enforcement authorities, counties, and congressional Republicans over the controversial memo about alleged monitoring abuses, the Obama-era spy guys even deeper into the brawl.

The former Director of the CIA, John Brennan, shortly before the memo was released, burned the house Republicans for their vote to release it.

“I had tweeted many battles with the Congressional Dems over the years on national security Affairs,” in the past week. “But I’ve never experienced the type of ruthless party-political behavior, I now see from Nunes and house Republicans. Lack of moral and ethical leadership in the WH fired this government to the crisis.”

I had a lot of fights with Congressional Dems over the years on national security Affairs. But I’ve never experienced the type of ruthless party-political behavior, I now see from Nunes and house Republicans. Lack of moral and ethical leadership in the WH fired this government to the crisis.

— John O. Brennan (@John Brennan) 1. February 2018

This came on the heels of Brennan’s criticism of President Trump allegedly marking of some African States as “s—hole” countries.

The former Director of the CIA, John Brennan has crack in President Trump on numerous occasions.


“Lady Liberty” that our fathers and generations of right-thinking Americans are all crying tonight about the cruel comments attributed to Donald Trump, who continue to demonstrate daily that he is a deeply flawed person,” he tweeted.

Brennan, the recently hired, as a NBC News/MSNBC analyst, also has blasted the “stupid election promise” to illegal immigration, and last week, the legislation on the “protection of Special Counsel [Robert] Mueller of political influence called” how he leads his investigation over alleged Russian interference in the election of 2016.

Sufficient basis is present to protect the laws are enacted, Special Counsel Müller from political influence. Regardless of the party in power, the strength of the United States is based on the ability to maintain the rule of law, even in times of deep political rancor. Investigation let the chips fall where they may.

— John O. Brennan (@John Brennan) 29. January 2018

These are not ordinary times, to be sure. The officers speak as the trump administration and the Republicans in Congress are increasingly critical of what they see as evidence of a tendency within the intelligence and law enforcement communities against the President.

Critics have suggested the administration has tried to hinder, the Mueller probe and unfairly maligned the integrity of the intelligence community.

But the climate, in turn, has a transformation in the role of leading ex-intelligence and law enforcement agencies seen. Obama figures such as Brennan play an active role in the ‘resistance’ on social media and cable news.

The former FBI Director, James Comey, fired by Trump in the last year, went to the Republicans on the memo-release-first of all, you compared “a weasel and a liar” and Joe McCarthy, and said: “Dishonest and misleading memo destroyed the house intel Committee … and inexcusably investigation of an American citizen classified.”

That’s it? Dishonest and misleading memo to the house intel Committee, destroyed confidence, intelligence Community, damaged the relationship with FISA destroyed-court, and inexcusably investigation of an American citizen classified as exposed. For what? DOJ & FBI needs to keep doing their job.

— James Comey (@Comey) 2. February 2018

In the meantime, he has been subtweeting the President on a regular basis. Comey has a tell-all book later this year, which is not coincidentally the title: “A Higher loyalty: truth, lies, and leadership.”

Special Agent Andrew McCabe stood high over the last 8 months to tear when little people try, an institution on which we all depend. He served with distinction for two decades. I wish Andy well. I would also like to continue the strength for the rest of the FBI. America needs you.

— James Comey (@Comey) 30. January 2018

According to former colleagues and the Deputy FBI Director, Andrew McCabe stepped down last Monday, Comey issued a sharp criticism of the “little people”, he claimed, were trying to “tear down” America’s institutions.

The former Minister of justice Eric Holder has blown up, the publication of Nunes memo as a “dangerous and irresponsible.”


The former Minister of justice Eric Holder also has measures to the Nunes memo, calling his release “dangerous and irresponsible.” He has also expressed support for McCabe and attacked those who criticized him.

The former Director of national intelligence James Clapper, meanwhile, slammed trump for what he claim as his “reprehensible” that the justice Department was part of the so-called “deep state”.

“I find it quite reprehensible that the phraseology in any case,” Clapper told CNN earlier this month, calls Trump ‘ disturb s remarks “.”

He seemed, to Trump in question’s ‘ fitness for office after a fiery speech in August of last year.

On Monday, Trump took a swipe at the class of the former intel chiefs when ripping democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, called it “one of the biggest liars and leaks in Washington, right up there with Comey, Warner, Brennan, and clapper!”

The clash comes amid increasingly heated rhetoric by the Trump administration, and allies in the Republican party — have noted what they see as the prejudices of the intelligence community. Trump has not Dept shied away from the rays of the “Deep state” Justice.,” and the administration has said, he wants a change of culture in the FBI.

Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., decried a “Palace-coup” against the President.

Even The Speaker Of The House Of Representatives Paul Ryan, R-Wis., a talk about the publication of the surveillance memo, called for the Agency to “clean.”

Clapper, who was Obama’s director of national intelligence, has been vocal in his criticism of Trump

(Associated Press)

“Let it all out, to put it all out there. Clean up the organization,” he said.

This kind of rhetoric, former officials say, have you in an awkward attitude, the talk required.

“For most of us, in the course of our career, we obtain a neutrality. But if you don’t help a genuine belief that the country is at risk, you can, but talk about them,” former acting CIA Director John McLaughlin told The Washington Post. “No one from the intelligence community, talks about Trump does it with pleasure or satisfaction. It grew up against the grain of the culture we’re in.”

But, again, the role of the former intel officials can only serve to fuel claims that the agencies are biased against Trump.

These suspicions fuel is already abundant. In addition to concerns about FISA abuse, the Republicans have pointed out that anti-Trump texts between top FBI investigator Peter Strzok and the FBI’s lawyer, Lisa page.

The former Deputy FBI Director, Andrew McCabe according to reports in the mail in the weeks continued on, Hillary Clinton-E-before the election.


The publication of such texts sent during the presidential campaign, not only has questions about the impartiality of Robert Müller-Russia-probe (where both officials once), but the investigation of state Hillary Clinton, the use of a private E-Mail server where Strzok, a top investigator.

The Washington Post reported on Wednesday, to sit McCabe appeared, on the discovery of the Clinton E-Mails to former Rep. Anthony Weiner computer for three weeks. While Comey would later Congress the FBI’s discovery, general inform inspector is now investigating why McCabe was how he did it, and when he and other agents tried to suppress it, is the revelation until after the Nov 8 choice.

It is not unprecedented for the ex-intelligence-to speak to leaders in the political sphere. Bush-era CIA chief Michael Hayden, for example, was known to criticize the Obama administration, the policy and the reactions in the last few years. The former Bush administration attorney General Michael Mukasey penned Wall Street Journal op-ed Monday, defended the surveillance memo-release as “the product of necessity, not choice.”

But with the rhetoric heating, others have fire on their former colleagues to refrain from the hip, with the former Secretary of defense Robert Gates’s warning, to defend that it could easily damage the institutions in which they work.

“I think that people in these positions, and I would be retired military, you have to be very careful in terms of political comments because they can be considered as a representative of this institution, not only themselves,” he said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“So I think, I think that people in a Position of responsibility in the intelligence community, the military and others, must be very careful, therefore, in the political process,” he added.

Adam Shaw is a political Reporter and occasional opinion writer for He can be reached here or on Twitter: @AdamShawNY.

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