Ex-Obama adviser David Axelrod “weird condemned to turn in the Jussie Smollett case

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In a thread on Twitter, ex-Obama adviser David Axelrod condemned”, this strange turning point in the (Jussie) Smollett.”

He tweeted on Tuesday afternoon: “unless some better explanation surfaces, this is the lesson of this strange twist in the Smollett case: you can make him in a hate crime, national news, get caught, and if you have a well-connected celebrity, you can get $10K and have deleted your entry and the files sealed.”


In a stunning reversal, the state left to the lawyers on Tuesday to abruptly drop all charges against Smollett, waiver of the case was hardly five weeks after the “Empire” actor accused of lying to the police about the target of a racist, anti-gay attack in the city of Chicago.

Smollett’s lawyers said his record is “wiped clean” of 16 felony counts related to a false report that he was attacked by two men. The actor insisted that he was “truthful and consistent on every single level since the first day.”

In a thread on Twitter, ex-Obama adviser David Axelrod, right, damn it”, this strange turning point in the (Jussie) Smollett.” (Getty)

Axelrod added a degree in political science at the University of Chicago and now is a policy adviser and analyst, on Twitter, “no. Sorry, Guys. The brief explanation offered by the prosecution does not dispute the basic facts in the original charge. This is the reason why he was forced to sacrifice his bond. You just said that this was in the light of his voluntary work in the community, a fair solution.”

The former political writer for the Chicago Tribune: “hate crimes are despicable. Fake you is treacherous and should not be excused. Despite Smollett’s denying nothing-the Prosecutor said, in the dismissal of the case, are supported. If prosecutors have the evidence, the indictment talks brought against YOU, you should share it today.”

Later in the afternoon, Axelrod concluded, calling the fact “outrageous.”

“‘The fact that (Smollett), the view that we have not relieved him, that’s what we have. I can’t get clearer than that,’ the chief Prosecutor says in Smollett. So, why Smollett, allow to rise for $10K and have deleted his records and the records sealed?” Axelrod tweeted. “Smollett, back to the city, $10k, supposedly as an offset for the investigation of his false charges detonated paid, the cost of the city of Chicago in the millions. It is truly outrageous.”

The mayor and police chief blasted the decision and progress of the investigation concluded that Smollett staged a hoax. A visibly angry mayor Rahm Emanuel called it “a whitewash of justice” and slashing in Smollett, “is there no decency in this man?”

Emanuel, who said in his last weeks in office after two terms, the city saw its reputation “through the cocoa” of Smollett’s alleged plan for the promotion of his career. The hoax, said the mayor, could endanger other gay people to report hate crimes.


“This casts a shadow, whether you tell the truth, and he did this all in the name of “self-promotion”, he said.

Police Commissioner Eddie Johnson of the Department of investigation and said Chicago “is an apology owed.”


It was not immediately clear what prompted the decision to dismiss the case. In a statement, the Cook County state’s attorneys office, no detailed explanation is offered. The city keeps the $10,000 Deposit paid to Smollett, from prison after his arrest.

“After examining all the facts and circumstances of the case, including Mr. Smollett, of the volunteer service in the community and the contract loses his bond to the city of Chicago, we believe that this result is only available and the appropriate solution to this case is,” said the statement from spokeswoman Tandra Simonton.

In General, the minimum condition, case, cases, a certain amount of acceptance of responsibility.

Outside court, neither Smollett nor his legal team appeared to admit that nothing about its original report.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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