Ex-New York City teacher, twin brother, arrested for alleged with students to help with the making of bombs

Christian Toro, left, and Tyler Toro, right, were both arrested Thursday after the FBI raided their Bronx apartment.


An ex-New York City high school teacher was charged in a federal complaint Thursday for allegedly using students to help make a bomb.

Christian Toro, a 27-year-old Bronx resident, appeared in Manhattan federal court for the alleged criminal acts, which unlawfully making an explosive.

Thank you to the brave men and women of the NYPD and the FBI, we can report tonight that there is a possible terrorist attack has been foiled. They have done particular work, and in this case, probably saved many, many lives.

— Bill de Blasio (@NYCMayor), 16 February 2018

Authorities claim in the complaint that Toro hired at least two students from October to January, 2017 2018 to dismantle a firework to obtain explosive powder at $50 per hour. The former teacher would then, allegedly, keep the powder in containers.

His twin brother, Tyler Toro, also 27 and from the Bronx, has been arrested in the case.

The case grew out of a bomb threat is called in a charter school in Harlem by students on Dec. 4, the Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York said, citing the complaint.


An investigation followed, and on Jan. 10, Christian Toro abruptly resigned from the school. Two days later, Tyler Toro back to his brother’s school issued laptop, where a technician discovered a “bomb-making instructions.”

Christian Toro told officials that he would come across the “bomb” document, while the investigation of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings and looked at it, but never intended to download it, the complaint said. He said that he would never have built a bomb.


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Law enforcement obtained a search warrant and a raid in the Toros’ Bronx apartment on Thursday and found more than 30 pounds of chemical substances, which together in certain combinations, composed of explosive precursor materials, the officials said.

A handwritten journal with Tyler Toro’s name on it was recovered. The officials said that the recorded notes on an operation “flash”.

The diary, according to the complaint, stated, inter alia: “Christian arrested” and “If you’re registered as a sex offender, things will be difficult.”

“We are twins Toros strike us now we go again with the nano-thermite” and “I’m here 100 percent, to live, to buy weapons. What we need, ” the diary read, according to the complaint.

The journal added, “I hope this doesn’t turn into a scene from Goodfellas,” after threatening retaliation if someone with the “strike us now.”

A backpack belonging to the Christian Toro was also supposedly repaired, with a purple card with a handwritten note, which read: “Under the full moon the little know terror.”

From what we know at this point, the persons involved have already been held. There is no additional threat to New York City at this time.

Again, we go forward in the morning with the spirit of tolerance for which New Yorkers are famous.

— Bill de Blasio (@NYCMayor), 16 February 2018

The complaint says Christian Toro was arrested Jan. 31 on charges of rape of a person under the age of 17.

It is a criminal offence rape in New York for someone who is over the age of 20 to have sex with someone under the age of 17 years. The Details of that case could not be found Thursday night in online court records.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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