Ex-member of Mexican Mafia tells 2016 ‘revenge murder’

Ignacio “Nacho” Jimenez, photo, allegedly took part in 2016 and the fatal stabbing of a man who had him attacked with a vehicle.

(Bexar County)

A Texas-based drug dealer and a former member of the so-called Mexican Mafia, testified Wednesday about the killing of a staff member in 2016.

Witness tells of stabbing death in S. A. murder trial

— San Antonio E-N (@ExpressNews) July 11, 2018

James Chapa, 53, told a judge in San Antonio that he and fellow Mafia member Ignacio “Nacho” Jimenez fatally beaten and stabbed Roland Pantoja 18 times in August 2016, about an alleged hit-and-run vehicle attack on Jimenez a few months for the San Antonio Express-News reported.

Jimenez suffered serious injuries from the alleged beatings, the report said.

Chapa told the court that he drove Pantoja behind the house of a man named David Ortiz who want to “talk” about the alleged hit-and-run, KSAT-TV reported. Ortiz spoke briefly with Pantoja for allegedly stabbing him and forced him out of the car.

Jimenez, who had been standing nearby, approached Pantoja and allegedly stabbed him repeatedly, the Express-News reported.

“Roland (Pantoja) was begging for his life, crying,” Chapa told the court. “He said the hit-and-run was an accident, and he was still stabbed in the side and bleeding.”

“Roland was begging for his life, crying. He said the hit-and-run was an accident, and he was still stabbed in the side and bleeding.”

– James Chapa

Before he died, Pantoja supposedly said, “Tell my little boy that I love him.”

The trio allegedly dumped Pantoja the body in a secluded area of San Antonio, and leave the car in which they allegedly killed him, in a county near the Mexican border.

Chapa told the court that he has participated in the discarding of Pantoja the body, because he did not want to “end up being the next Roland.”

Chapa, who is a member of the Mexican Mafia in 2000, told the court that high-ranking members of the criminal organization were in “every part of San Antonio.”

He was granted immunity in exchange for his testimony. Ortiz is currently awaiting trial. Jimenez faces life in prison if convicted.

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