Ex-mayor of New York city to apologize for racist police

Ex-mayor of New York city to apologize for racist police

Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York city, has apologized for a racist police policy that, in 2013, it was banned.

The 77-year-old, the international monetary Fund, said that in 2013 it will be forbidden to stop-and-frisk program was wrong. The method caused a lot of criticism was aimed at the surveillance of the people. Eventually, it became clear that the black and hispanic people are using the method to get.

The international monetary fund expressed its regret in a church, the Christian Cultural Center in New York city, reports The New York Times. “I was in the wrong. And I’m so sorry,” according to the international monetary Fund.

The international monetary fund, was for twelve years mayor of New York city. During this period, he defended the stop-and-frisk program actually. In 2013, the methodology was disposed of by a U.s. court of law.

Under the guidance of the international monetary Fund, the number of people that were free-standing, held in New York and sharply up. In 2011, there was a surge in the number of, and when there were as many as 648.000 people to stand.

The international monetary fund indicated previously, not to have seen it, how big is the impact of stop-and-frisk program had on the African-American and hispanic-American communities in New York city. “I was totally focused on saving lives, but as we all know, good intentions are not good enough for him.”

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