Ex-lawyer Trump testifies next week before Congress

Michael Cohen, the former lawyer of the Us president, Donald Trump puts on Wednesday, 27 February a public witness in the U.s. House of Representatives.

That has Elijah Cummings, the chairman of the hervormingscommissie published.

“I am pleased to announce that Cohen is to declare in the House of Representatives, despite the intimidation of his family members for him not to talk,” said Cummings.

Cohen was originally on the 7th of February, putting in an appearance in Congress was his testimony after “ongoing threats from president Donald Trump, at the address of his family”, said the lawyer of Cohen.

Earlier in the day it was announced that the imprisonment of Cohen two months later starts than originally planned, due to a major surgery. He should now be on may 6 to report to prison.

The former lawyer is under more tight, because he’s perjury has been committed, and lies the investigation of special prosecutor Robert Mueller at has worked.

Cohen, well-known last year, debt in a number of cases, and pledged to cooperate in the investigation of special prosecutor Robert Mueller to possible Russian meddling in the Us presidential election.

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