Ex-lawyer of the White House to turn up at the hearing in Congress

The former lawyer of the White House, Don McGahn, is Tuesday not appeared at a hearing in the U.s. House of Representatives for which he was summoned. McGahn was the White House command is default to let it go.

It was Monday already known that the government-Trump McGahn told the summons to ignore. The ex-lawyer of the White House let know that order will follow. The U.s. department of Justice alleges that McGahn no legal obligation to appear.

The absence of McGahn represents a new escalation in the battle over the authority of Congress to the functioning of a president to investigate.

The justitiecommissie by the Democrat-dominated House will examine the performance of Trump in respect of the Ruslandonderzoek of special prosecutor Robert Mueller. Despite the absence of McGahn went to the session on Tuesday.

President Jerold Nadler has McGahn written a letter in which he warns of “serious consequences” if he does not testify.

Trump refuses to provide information to the House

At the beginning of this month also decided to attorney general john William Barr to a congressionele summons aside. The House had tempted him to an uncensored version of the final report of the Ruslandonderzoek. Barrs refusal led to the adoption of a so-called motion for contempt by the House.

Trump refuses to go at the request of the House for information in the investigation, his person, his presidency, his family and his zakenbelangen. He argues that being part of a politically motivated attempt to Ruslandonderzoek again.

It is the first time in American history that a president congressionele subpoenas in this way contravenes.

Battle between Congress and White House

Trump suffered Monday is a related’s defeat in the court; a judge decided that a accountancybureau where he had use of has made, Mazars LLP, financial administration with respect to the New York vastgoedtycoon to transmit it to the House. Trumps lawyers have announced defence will file an appeal.

Now, the White House, all the doors are closed, consider more and more Democrats are openly for an impeachment procedure against Trump to start. Although the chance of success is very small, would such a procedure the House to enable the requests for information legal more.

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