Ex-employee Uber claims to ride in self-propelled car from west to east coast USA

Anthony Levandowski, a controversial former employee of Uber, claiming in an autonomous driving car from the west coast to the east coast of the United States to be driven.

It comes to a Toyota Prius, which was expanded with the technology of his company, as is seen in an accelerated video. The ride from San Francisco to New York took place from 26 to 30 October.

“To our knowledge this is the first successful trip across the country, which is carried out with zelfrijtechnologie”, explains Pronto in the video. The technology works according to the company, not without a human driver behind the wheel monitors and can intervene if necessary.

Levandowski told The Guardian that he was behind the wheel, but during the ride, never the pedals is pressed or the wheel has touched, except for rest breaks and to refuel.

Pronto wants the technology for autonomous driving will apply to trucks. The system provides the vehicles cruise control, lane assist and botspreventie. This kind of technology, and vehicle partly drive independently, it is also already available for passenger cars.

Levandowski was the linchpin in a court case between Uber and Waymo

The 38-year-old Levandowski was the linchpin in a court case between Uber and Waymo, the sister company of Google that technology around self-propelled cars were devised. With the transition of Waymo to Uber, he would have documents with trade secrets have been taken.

After the departure for Google, which was then still under its own flag to zelfrijtechnologie worked, founded Levandowski in January 2016, the company Otto, that technology for autonomous driving trucks developed. Uber took the company a few months later on.

Uber and Waymo settled in February in the case of the stolen trade secrets. A few months later stopped Uber with the development of technology for autonomous driving trucks. Instead, it directs the department of the company focuses on passenger cars.


Click here to view the ride of Levandowski with the self-propelled car

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