Ex-employee is fighting for the right to collective lawsuits against Uber

Ex-employee is fighting for the right to collective lawsuits against Uber

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Susan Fowler, the former employee of Uber, the company accused of sexual harassment, steps to the right. Now supports employees who are the taxi service to sue because they have no collective litigation be possible.

Fowler says they have the right to a collective lawsuit had to reject when they Uber came to work, reports Bloomberg. The signing of documents, that this right is rejected, is, according to her, quite common in the tech industry. In a letter she asks the Supreme court to forbid this practice.

According to Fowler and her attorney are the only documents to “the legal risk that has to do with systematic and potentially illegal work practices to eliminate”. In addition, according to the woman, for employees who are not in any other way able to fight for better working conditions, harmful to the right to a collective lawsuit to take away.

The former employee supports with the letter three separate lawsuits, all of which rotate around the tightening of a collective lawsuit. The cases are all heard by the Supreme court. Uber has not yet responded to the lawsuits. The three cases on October 2, treated.

Sexual harassment

Fowler accused Uber in February this year, of sexual harassment and sexism. So would a manager who her sexually intimidated have not been addressed, because he has good reviews. It Later turned out, according to the woman that there were several complaints about the manager were, but that nothing more was done.

As a response to the accusations of Fowler was the former attorney-general Eric Holder hired to the company to investigate. On the basis of his report, there were over twenty people at Uber fired. Director Travis Kalanick got into June under pressure from investors.

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