Ex-consultant, He likes to jaw at each other during a hearing in Congress

Ex-communicatiedirecteur of the White House, by Hope Hicks on Wednesday, behind closed doors, testifying to the U.s. House of Representatives. She was a lot of questions to be answered.

The democratic members of the inlichtingencomité of the House, which is in the hands of a Democratic majority, wanted Hicks to be questioned about six of the possible cases of interference with the course of justice by a Us president, Donald Trump.

Hicks had been lawyers in the White House with him, stating that they have a legal immunity with respect to matters that had taken place during its period of fourteen months as a regeringsmedewerker.

According to the Democrats, refused to Hicks, and even to answer questions on basic information such as the location of its head office is in the White House, or on matters in which they have already spoken with special prosecutor Robert Mueller.

Democratic representatives have said, after the completion of the hearing, at the journalists that they should consider Hicks to sue to force the answer to be delivered. They are accusing the White House of the “more obstruction”.

The Democratic representative Ted Lieu introduced a satirical view of the conduct of the hearing, on Twitter.

“The chairman: Ms Hicks-was it sunny on your first day at work?

Silly Lawyer from the Department of Justice, and I will MAKE an OBJECTION!

The chairman: Where was your office located?

Silly Lawyer: I OBJECT!”

This is what it’s like for the interview, Hope Hicks (questions lb, but you’ll get the point):
Chair: Ms. Hicks-was it a sunny day on your first day of work?
Ridiculous us DOJ Attorney: OBJECTION!
The Chair: Where was your office located?
Ridiculous us DOJ Attorney: OBJECTION!

AvatarAuteurtedlieuMoment of plaatsen13:37 – 19 June 2019 at the latest

The white House, wore a Hicks, to mention

The lawyer of the White House, Pat Cipollone, was on Tuesday announced that the president’s Home, Hicks had been ordered not to answer questions about her work in the White House, or during the transition after the Trumps election victory in november of 2016.

According to Cipollone have the closest advisers of the president to respond to such requests for information “to the jurisdiction of the office of the president to protect”. The Democrats do not agree with this, and it will be possible to challenge it in the court of law.

The theory is that the president’s advisors, legal, imuun’ is more often used. In 2008, the fatherless, and a judge in an attempt by the administration of George W. Bush, to claim, to make a decisive finish.

Hicks was holding the lips before, to each other, at a closed hearing of the inlichtingencomité of the House in February 2018. She refused to answer questions about her work with the campaign team of the Home, or in his / her government.

The government-He stays Home to block,

The old communicatiedirecteur, it is not the only one who is in the investigation of the Democrats in the House is going to be frustrating. On orders from the White House, explained former state attorney Don McGahn, and attorney general john William Barr congressionele service today.

It is not known whether or not the Democrats are McGahn before the court shall be to the chairman of the justitiecomité, Jerrold Nadler, and liked that option last week. Also, Hicks and former assistant to the McGahn, Annie Donaldson, they had it in their mind, according to Nadler.

The House of Representatives adopted on the 11th of June a resolution along party lines: 229-191), which Huiscomités the power to the court to bring former staff from the White House to co-operate and to enforce.

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