Ex-coach of the junior team, British football clubs are more than 24 years in prison for abuse

Bob Higgins, the former coach of the juniors at the Uk’s football clubs, FC Southampton, and Petersborough United, has been sentenced to 24 years and three months in prison for the sexual abuse of children, reports the British newspaper The Guardian on Wednesday.

Higgins was indicted for the abuse of 24 children over a period of 25 years.

The judge called the Song, in its judgment, a “cunning and manipulative predator”. The court witnessed a large number of victims of the Song. Many of them will be made manifest, that they are still serious mental health problems were as a result of the abuse.

According to The Guardian, some of the victims that the football clubs, FC Southampton, and Petersborough United’s failure to adequately respond to the signals concerning the actions of the former coach.

The 66-year-old Song kept training programmes at two British clubs, and was for a period of time as coach of the national youth team of Russia.

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