Ex-businessman to Be Cohen Tuesday, to be buried there: This, we know about his death

Tob Cohen, will be on Tuesday, in private to be buried at his former home in Nairobi. The former head of Philips in Eastern Africa, it has been since July 19, without a trace. Two months later, his body was found in a septic tank next to his villa. The Kenyan police believe that the Cohens wife, Sarah, by W. K., who does not wish to divorce him will disappear. This is what we know about the murder case.

The 69-year-old Cohen had been living for more than twenty years in the country. Here, he worked first as marketing director and later as CEO of Philips Electronics uk limited, Philips Group of Companies.

Following his time at Philips, he started a successful travel agency specialising in golfsafari in Africa. Later, they added medical travel to topziekenhuizen abroad.

Cohen got married in 2007 by W. K., so he was in Kenya and was allowed to live with their parents. With her he lived in a small blue-and-white villa on the outskirts of the Kenyan capital city of Nairobi. In the course of 2019 is not the end of the two, however, are in a much vechtscheiding. The duo had a quarrel over the villa, W. K., her husband, at that time, to have been very badly treated.

Cohen, disappeared on July 19,

The point of Cohen’s, who live in the Netherlands, called me every day with her brother. Then, when they are nothing more of him heard, she decided to go to the police department in Amsterdam, she did a report of the loss. The ministry of Foreign Affairs went to the embassy in Kenya, which is contacted with the wife of a Cohen.

A golfvriend Cohen told the AD that the W. K. of by means of fraud, a co-owner of the Cohens built the villa, had been made. Cohen would be a proceeding having been brought, which was still running when he left.

Also, would the widow have been trying to get back to her husband at a hotel to be built in her home town. Cohen found that, ” says his sister.

The woman would be the Cohen of the stairs, having been pushed

The tension between the two spouses would have to be a point has come when Kenya, Cohen and the citizenship qualities. W. K. would be there, in writing, any objections made by the Kenyan government. On the evening of his disappearance, would be to Cohen and his friend said that he feared for his life.

A week prior to his disappearance, Cohen had reported to the police of ill-treatment of his wife. In the report, says his lawyer, is that W. K. is her man on the stairs was pushed so that he fell and injured his head, suffered.

Cohen told his sister about the incident. That was part of the reason is that, from then on, every day, called me, at her insistence. Cohen did press charges against his wife for assault, she did the same to him.

The police department was at that time that W. K., Cohen, and had to be destroyed. The woman said, however, that Cohen will be on your own left to go to Thailand to get medical help for his mental issues.

According to the Kenyan authorities had been in the Dutchman’s land, never to leave. In addition, it said the value of Cohen is that he was healthy it was. W. K. will be at the end of August and held on suspicion of murder.

Body, Cohen found a new suspect emerges

Then, on september 13, the bodies of Cohen, in a large, old water tank behind his house. The police went there to look for evidence of any of the other prime suspect, Peter K., a lover of W. K.

The murder was big news in the country. The local media is to dive into the matter and come to find out that j. K. has a key role has been played in the matter, and the big holes in his alibi. So, î he said around the Cohens ‘ disappearance is only a half-an-hour at the W. K. at the villa to visit for a business meeting, but telefoondata make something else. Are the two phones that were out during the night and early in the morning, and used it.

It would also Cohens wife is from inside the house of money have been transferred to the K’s, while they were together in the same house.

The lawyer, W. K., Philip Murgor, says his client had nothing to do with the crime. According to him, there is something wrong with the search and the discovery of the body. W. K. would have been discussed. The defendant must be Thursday again before the court.

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Testament, according to the widow, Cohen is not legally

At the funeral on Monday, only family members of the Cohen’s welcome. Also, W. K., the court, in Nairobi, a funeral to attend, it was a Monday, known.

It will, in any event, will not be present at the reading of the last will and testament. W. K. thinks that the will is not lawful and must be approved by the supreme court. The choice would be that the Cohen’s have been the villa in time for lunch of only 3.5 million euros, he fails to meet his sister Gabrie van Straten.


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