Ex-Brexit-the minister Raab from the battle to be prime minister, UK, Johnson’s favorite

The former Brexit-prime minister Dominic Raab (45), it is no longer in the race, in order to Theresa May as prime minister. With the second internal vote among 313 members of parliament from the Conservative y, he was a Tuesday night the only one to fall.

Raab has received thirty votes, which were too few to make an early elimination to avoid this.

Boris Johnson saw his role once again been confirmed. He’s got a whopping 126 votes. Also through to the next round were Jeremy Hunt (46 votes), Michael Gove (41 votes), Rory Stewart (37 votes) and Sajid Javid (33 votes).

The former chairman of the house of Commons by Andrea Leadsom were all eliminated in the first round.

Raab agreed, prior to the referendum for a Brexit

The fact that the Raab to the low number of votes received is at least noteworthy, to name a few. In the first round of voting, he was, respectively, Javid, and Stewart is still under control. In addition to Raab, as a political heavy-weight.

What is Raab however, the issue was his inconsistency. He was a Brexit-the minister is the man who is on the uittredingsakkoord of May’s negotiations with the EU, then it has to be one of the fiercest critics of the deal. At the end of march, he made a turnaround and said he May agree to voting in the house of Commons.

Raab is a Brexiteer, which is already well in advance of the referendum, the case for a part of the European Union. He won’t have any trouble with a hard-Brexit. The politician is made to him or her within just a day following the announcement of the departure of the Dutch May be known.

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The Conservative y keeps voting until there are two contestants left. Are around 160 000 members of the party to decide on who the party leader should be.

The Conservative y needs a new leader since May’s position had become untenable after her multiple times and not been able to do for her Brexit deal with the European Union (eu) and the house of Commons, to be eliminated.


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