Ex-bodyguard confirms aanrandingsverhaal Taylor Swift

Ex-bodyguard confirms aanrandingsverhaal Taylor Swift

The former bodyguard of Taylor Swift has a witness in the lawsuit between the singer and radio dj David Mueller, Taylor in 2013 immoral would have felt during a meet-and-greet. Greg Dent said in the courtroom that he himself has seen how Mueller with his hand under the skirt of Taylor and pulled.

“His hand went under her skirt,” said Dent, according to various American media. “I have not seen that he had physically fingered, but I saw his hand under her skirt. She responded through her skirt to push down and further away from him. It was then clear to me that he had groped.”

On the question of why he did not intervene, replied Dent that the Swift do not have the instructions gave. “I looked at her but she just went through with the meet-and-greet. I did nothing because they ever had said that I was too mean. I’m sure she had something said if she had willed that I intervened was to come.”

Mueller lost his job when the singer and his boss reported that he had groped. He complained to Swift, because it is false would have accused. The singer came with a tegenaanklacht, which they the radioman accused of sexual assault.

Thursday explained to Swift her testimony. “He groped under my skirt and fingering deliberately to my naked ass. He was not my rib, or my hand, he grabbed me by my bare ass,” she suggested. Previously spoke to the mother of the singer, already in the case.

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