Ex-billionaire Batista held in Rio de Janeiro

Ex-billionaire Batista held in Rio de Janeiro

The Brazilian businessman Eike Batista is the Monday immediately after returning to Brazil at the airport of Rio were arrested.

The sixty-year old Batista was five years ago, the richest man of the country, and probably the six after the richest person in the world.

Meanwhile, the lion’s share of his wealth has gone and Batista suspected of money laundering and bribery. In 2015, acquired Batista even the nickname “billionaire in the minus”, because he already has a billion dollar debt would have.

Batista is short for his intended arrest last week at his villa in the south of Rio to the United States gone. But he was there in the weekend to know that he returns in order for the court to justify and to “the quantity on the clean up and to solve.”

Lava jato

Justice is very interested in what Batista has to say in the context of the investigation into a huge corruption scandal that ‘lava jato’ (car wash) is called. Batista is accused of being the former governor of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Sergio Cabral, converted 15.5 million euro bribe to be paid. Cabral is since november all because of the investigation into “lava jato’.

The ongoing investigation shows that from the beginning of this century, approximately ten years on a large scale by state oil company Petrobras and by large contractors, especially the multinational, Odebrecht, are systematically bribe is thrown in.

A lot of revelations in this matter of arrested suspects who give statements in exchange for sentence remissions, and better conditions in the prison. Cabral is, for instance, in a special section for graduates.

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