Ewan McGregor can Trainspotting reunion ‘still not believe’

Ewan McGregor can Trainspotting reunion ‘still not believe’

More than twenty years after the first successful movie are Ewan McGregor, Jonny Lee Miller, Ewen Brenmer and Robert Carlyle together again to see in T2 Trainspotting. To tell the cast and director Danny Boyle that it is not felt so much time had expired.

McGregor (45) has, in the intervening twenty years, the most roles played in Moulin Rouge, Big Fish, and several Star Wars movies, red.), but was still under the impression that this reunion made him. “I still can’t believe that it happened. Everything felt the same. I saw Ewen (that Spud plays, ed.) and thought: fuck, this is Trainspotting. This can really happen.”

Once back on the set, it felt as of old, tells the cast. “The atmosphere was quickly back in,” says Boyle. “I was amazed at how smoothly that went. Before the shoot started we have briefly rehearsed. I expected that everyone what rusty would be, but the cast burst of energy and picked up his character quickly.”

“It was fantastic to see each other again,” says Miller (44), who in the film plays the role of Simon ‘Sick Boy’ Williamson. That is endorsed by Carlyle (55, Begbie in the film). “We are part of each other’s lives. If we have interviews to do, is Trainspotting in there. So are those guys always there. We have a special bond that never will go away.”

Cast Trainspotting after twenty years still a part of each other’s lives

Summer vacation

“The script was good, so that motivated everyone”, Boyles (60) answer to the question of whether or not the four cast members quickly became enthusiastic for the sequel. “Robert and Jonny, who both play in the tv series (Miller in Elementary and Carlyle in Once Upon a Time, red.) even have their summer holidays sacrificed to the film in the summer to be able to shoot.”

The film takes place twenty years after the original story, in which the four boys and the drug heroin – central. Mark Renton, played by McGregor, returns to Scotland after several years abroad to have spent. There he decides his old ‘friends’ to visit again to give them his regret to express for his deception twenty years ago.


Who the first part is not more sharp in the memory, during T2 Trainspotting well refreshed. “We have the original film used the story to help tell, but also to the culture of Edinburgh (where the film takes place, red.) to bring back to life,” says Boyle.

“The beauty of film and television is that they have a moment, can catch you later back to life. But it is also confronting for the actors to themselves, as to see in addition to their twenty-year younger self.”

“The deployment of these flashbacks eventually had a very powerful effect. We will visit again as this old world. Of course, all four actors in the years have changed significantly. They are enriched, but also damaged. Just as we are, and that connects these characters with us.”

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