Everyone is sweating, but if sweating too much?

Each week, reply to Sign up for the Vaal (47), a general practitioner in Nijmegen, the netherlands, a common, or outstanding question on a practice. This week’s question is: when do you speak of the problem of excessive sweating?

“There are a number of reasons which you can go and sweating. During a hot summer day, or during exercise to sweat to cool down. There will be sweat on your body evaporates, leaving the warmth of your body as it is extracted and cooled down. This sweat is odorless.”

“In addition, it can also be empty of emotions, like sexual arousal, anxiety, and stress. It smells a lot stronger than the normal, the sweat, and it is mainly produced in the armpits and in the groin area. The most well-known for the sweating, if you or anyone in the public to speak, because of the stress that come with it. This is also the expression “don’t break a sweat’ came from.”

“There may be some medical reasons why you are going to sweat. If you are sweating due to some medications. Also, diabetics, menopausal women, or people who are overweight sweat more and more.”

“In addition, there are also many people who stop using drugs or alcohol and sweating. This is done not only by kicking the habit, but also because these funds often are used for anxiety symptoms – as a result of excessive sweating to run. Symptoms of anxiety and sweating, then come back.”

Where is the line between ‘normal’ and excessive sweating?

“That’s one of the more sweating than the others, is a fact of life. It is not a medical border, where there is mention of an increased durability: can’t really be measured. There was some discussion of the problem of excessive sweating if you have interest in social issues, by the experience. If you are certain of events avoid, as you might be able to go on leave.”

“You are speaking of the problem of excessive sweating if you have problems yourself by experience.”
He’s Pale, gps

“This is the one, it is not a problem that he or she was in a wet T-shirt during a hot summer’s day, while the other is due to the amount of moisture, and the scent it releases will no longer function.”

What you can do with a problem of excessive sweating

“First and foremost it’s a good idea to see if you are the cause of the change. Then, take a look if you find that a cause can be removed. To see if you want to lose weight, there may be some situations in which you are going to sweat, or is it by some means.”

“As to the excessive perspiration, especially in certain situations to occur, it would indicate that there is a angstprobleem. Talk to your doctor if this is the case and what can be done. Even sweating as a result of the medication, it is possible to be solved by the use of other drugs.”

“It Is not all that heavy, but they may not like? You need to choose a deodorant or any other solution that is aluminiumzouten at the same time. These molecules will make sure that they may be unable to operate. God’s aluminiumzouten hide is usually just the body odour.”

Tip: if you are a zouttekort

  • Of the Pale: “In the sweat due to the heat, you will lose not only fluids, but also salts. A lot of people have to fill it with water. That sounds good, but the salt needs to be added. This may be the best food, the broth and the other with the ORS, where the salt content in the correct aspect ratio at the same time.”

“If you’re in a presence of aluminiumzouten, it is wise to use it in the evening all of you. It will take as for it to work. So, if you spend the night in the place where you are made to transpiratievrij.”

“In the worst case, you might want to consider in order to be dealt with by the nerve to the sweat gland to freeze it flat to keep them on your computer. This is easy to do with the botoxinjecties. In the most extreme case, it can be as a surgeon in a surgery, the nerve’s review.”

“There are a lot of settings, which are treatments for excessive sweating have to offer. But, of course, that may be associated with undesirable side-effects and complications. The consultation, therefore, if necessary, with your doctor, what is the best thing to do.”

What you can do with a lot of sweat

  • Use a deodorant with a aluminiumzouten.
  • Wear a breezy dress made of cotton, wool, or linen.
  • Go easy on the alcohol and caffeine-containing beverages.
  • Avoid eating while you’re going to sweat, such as highly seasoned and spicy food.
  • Pull out regularly to clean clothing.
  • It Was make yourself a regular, and please be careful with that.
  • Dry yourself thoroughly.
  • The use of a fan, blower, or air-conditioning.

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