Evergreen State apologizes for the use of the money of the taxpayer to protest against the farm

Evergreen State College President George Bridges apologized, after it was revealed that the school used taxpayer-funded vans to protest against a family company in the northern part of the state of Washington.

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Evergreen State College – the site of the controversial social justice-themed protests in 2017 – has apologized for inappropriate use of the taxpayer-funded school resources students and teachers at a protest at a blueberry farm, 178 miles away.

Save of Family Farming, a non-profit agricultural advocacy group, filed a complaint with the Washington state public school in April after viewing the photos and videos that documented Evergreen vehicles transporting students to political protests focused on the family farm in August 2017, about the death of a seasonal farm worker from Mexico.

Activists descended on the farm, protesting in the name of the rights of the workers, but medical researchers and the Department of Labor and Industry to find his death was the result of natural causes not related to his work and made the farm of any wrongdoing, according to KGMI.

Evergreen State College, apologized for the use of public funds for transportation of staff and students to protest against a family company.

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Evergreen President George Bridges apologized and said half a dozen professors have been “strongly reprimanded.”

Secure Family Farming, the Executive Director, Gerald Baron, said the organization’s appreciation for the excuses.

“Although there are a number of remaining questions, we are very happy with President Bridges’ excuses for this abuse of the taxpayer-funded resources and be encouraged that he has promised to do the work of keeping this from happening again,” Baron said.

Evergreen State College, a social justice theme of the school, is back in the news after the teachers used the taxpayer-funded resources to the transport of students to a protest against the state.

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However, Vincent Buys, a Republican state representative in the district with the farm, said that the excuse is not sufficient.

“What concerns me still is that we have teachers in the Evergreen spouting things that are simply not true and that they are actually indoctrinating students to give their opinion, which basically says these workers were abused, etc., that is absolutely in conflict with everything we have seen and all the research says,” he said.

“So, for me, even with the help of state resources in the classroom…the fact that they’re indoctrinating as many students in the Evergreen, in essence, say that farmers are not taking care of their staff is very, very troubling for me…and that they would use this as a ‘field trip’ to come and see the angry farmer at work, I think, is very troubling, regardless of how they the use of resources of the state.”

In this Wednesday, May 24, 2017, photo, after weeks of brewing racial tensions on the campus, hundreds of students at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Wash., protest against the college administration and demanded change.

(Lisa Pemberton/The Olympian via AP)

Save the Family Farming receivables from Evergreen protest harmed the employees to do with reputation and many ended up losing their jobs as a result.


Western Washington is known for the fact that the highest salary in the nation, but Sumas berry farm features state-of-the-art employee accommodations that meet or exceed all federal and state employee housing need – including a football pitch, camp-wide wi-fi, large screen Tv with satellite channels, a laundry, prepare meals, bilingual, agriculture management, free transport to health-care facilities and buses to the city for shopping, according to the company, the statement.


Evergreen State has seen a significant reduction in the first registration in the past year and has had to deal with dramatic budget cuts and staff redundancies after 2017 the protests, which the school in the national spotlight.

Bridges said that the reason for the decrease is “very complex and is not due to one factor.”

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