Evergreen professor who is anti-white comments resigns, gets $240G settlement

Evergreen State College

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An Evergreen State College professor who was captured on video intimidating her white co-workers resigned after reaching a financial settlement with the college.

Naima Lowe, a self-described black queer artist and teacher who taught video and performance art in the Evergreen State, received $240,000 from the college after she filed a discrimination and hostile work environment claim, according to the college spokesman Zach Powers.

Lowe has been on personal leave since the beginning of the school year after she claimed that she was the victim of “online attacks on her,” according to a letter sent to colleagues. She officially resigned Dec. 6.

Lowe’s came under fire after she was caught on video berating her white colleagues.

“You are now these motherf***ers that we are pushing against,” Lowe told her the employees at the school Ability of the Board in a viral video from earlier this year. “You can’t see your way out of your own *ss…This sh** is literally going to kill me.”


In this Wednesday, May 24, 2017, photo, after weeks of brewing racial tensions on the campus, hundreds of students at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Wash., protest against the college administration and demanded change.

(Lisa Pemberton/The Olympian via AP)

In 2015, the video that recently surfaced, Lowe is heard making racist remarks in the direction of the white people, the Campus Reform reported.

“White supremacy…lives and breathes in every white person who is here now,” Lowe said. “I refuse to close my mouth and let the white people fix this agenda…de white gays, white, middle-class assimilationist motherf***ing gay, took the [gay] movement with their assimilationist goals.”

There is at least five high-profile Evergreen employees who have resigned since last spring after a series of protest by the college in connection with allegations of racism and intolerance, according to The Olympian, a local website. Rashida Love, director of the college, the First People that the Multicultural Advising Services program, also resigned last month as a result of online threats.


Racial tensions in the Washington state college was further enhanced when a professor, Bret Weinstein, who now resigned, was attacked by a crowd of students after he took issue with a question for a “day of absence” where all the white people were asked to leave the campus for a day. The student mob that shut down the campus for several days and the accused Weinstein of a racist. At the time, Weinstein had to be escorted from the campus for fear of his life.


Prof: “I don’t know how I can go back to Evergreen

He and his wife, Heather Heying, a fellow Evergreen professor, submitted a $3.85 million claim in tort in July, claiming Evergreen failed to “protect the employees of repeated provocative and aggressive verbal and written hostility based on race, as well as the threat of physical violence.” She resigned in September as part of a $450,000 settlement with the college.


Stacy Brown, the chief of Police Services to the college, resigned after she was targeted by protesters who alleged institutional racism.

Lowe did not respond to the request for comments.

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