Even gossip has more of an effect on the brain memory training’

There are numerous geheugentrainers available. But are they really? Professor Jaap Murre lay out your memory at all, you can work out.

The Apps and programs your brain a workout, sounds like a great outcome. Especially for the elderly, for whom it is the memory, sooner or later, anyway, is going to go down.

They promise that all of them are more or less the same thing: by playing games, improve your memory and intelligence. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that this type of housing starts improve from April, barely has an effect.

“There are a variety of techniques to help you with certain aspects of memory and huge performance gains you can get,” says Jaap Murre, a professor of theoretical neuropsychology at the University of Amsterdam, the netherlands.

“You’re just better at the execution of the training itself, it has no effect at all on the outside.”
Jaap Murre, a professor of theoretical neuropsychology

“You are to be in the running of the course itself’

A simple technique, which, according to Murre in to a half-an-hour have the hang of it, you can learn it in an imaginary street in your mind, in each and every house with a message on it. The result: you can seamlessly twenty of the messages to remember.

“By the techniques that your memory is as efficient as possible, bet is your memory is in my eyes, it actually improved,” said Murre. “But you’re just better at the execution of the training itself, it has no effect at all on the outside. The same is true for ” brain games.”

If you make it through such a technique, for example, a lot of numbers to remember, this does not mean that you also have a lot of names to remember.

‘A control group without training was to test, still moving forward’

The group consisting of Murre conducted extensive research on the training of the memory. It was a group of older people for six weeks, every day, with professional games and training. Before, during, and after the study period, they were tested extensively.

The people who have the training, had proved indeed, in some of the tests to get better scores. However, the control group, which was not the practice was started, it was just as well moving forward.

“Our conclusion was that the training had no impact,” said Murre. “The progress in both groups, probably due to the fact that the participants had become accustomed to being tested, and will therefore be better achieved. It was not exactly the same tests, but the participants knew what type of questions they could expect.”

These results were confirmed in a major review article that we’ve published,” said Murre. “The other – especially older – studies that will have a positive impact on the training of cutting, are often performed without a control group.”

“Go through with it, if you like, but don’t expect too much of

It Is Murre, therefore, is not in favour of more of the geheugentrainingapps on your phone or tablet? “Well, let’s take into account that, if you like it, you just have to go on. You will indeed see that you are getting better and better in the is. But there’s not too much of a difference.”

It is still not yet demonstrated that memory training at the individual level has no effect, but the effect has been, according to Murre, anyway, very, very small.

Activities that have a proven effect on the brain

From the scientific literature, it is well known that there are a number of other activities that have a greater impact on the brain: movement, social, active, and voluntary work. Murre: “Even gossip with the neighbour, it has more of an effect on the brain as a” brain coach.”

Also, professor Erik Scherder, professor in neuropsychology at the Vu University in Amsterdam, and has been a big supporter of your brain, by yourself have to have. He wrote a book about it, Let your brains do not sit down.

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