Eve, home cooked apple pie to leave the NPO after about 15 years of age: As of now, her career so far

Eve, home cooked apple pie, made Friday, is known, after fifteen years of public-service broadcasting and to change to the RTL, where they are, in any case, a latenightshow is going to be presented. The 41-year-old tv presenter started out fifteen years ago as an intern at the Dutch and will now count as one of the most successful presentatrices on the website.

The origin of American home cooked apple pie, which is in its twelfth moved to the Netherlands, starting in 1997, a study of American history from the University of Leiden. In 2004, she was getting her first journalism job at the foreign desk of the NOS Journaal and the usa correspondent Charles Groenhuijsen, a trainee is looking for.

“Six months is a long time, I regularly have the fridge cleaned out, and I had M&M’s, and salads to pick up for Charles,” says home cooked apple pie are about it.

“You know, I was thinking about that one. Charles told me that he had to make something up, like an article about Libertarians (as a political movement, ed. in New Hampshire, and then it was that I just have to hear it, and I used to go out all the way from my plate. People are looking for, call for information, etc. I thought it was great.”

Eve, home cooked apple pie with Hillary Clinton. (Photo by KRO-NCRV/Annabelle van Hardeveld)

“There I was, in front of the camera’

Once you’re back in the Netherlands for studying, home cooked apple pie and apply for a job they are applying for a job at the foreign desk, where they will be accepted, and to get started with its specialty in the United States of america.

Home cooked apple pie will do, especially bureauredactiewerk, but this is now changing as they are, four years later, in a come across the screen test does it for the presenter of the NOS at 3. “Winfried Baijens was gone, and everyone on the floor was allowed to have a go,” says the home cooked apple pie.

“I thought I had no chance and made it, and I totally relaxed into it. They called me up and said, ‘We are looking for is actually a guy, but you’re the best”. I hadn’t thought of it or planned for it, but so it went. And here I am, in front of the camera. ‘Home cooked apple pie, for about two minutes, we are going to live. 4,3,2,1.'”

The performance of a home cooked apple pie is the taste, and it may also be any other news to present. It is to be seen in this election year, America will, and should, to the preparation thereof, as well as the tv News crew present to get in the studio, the show and the amount of time they are in the picture, it will be.

“I can see your boobs!’

At the same time, there is a video of a home cooked apple pie more, and that is made before the broadcast of the evening news, and that is the personality of its director, learns that her cleavage is too deep. For rotating the camera, she wrestles with the question of whether they are a knot is more or less on her blouse, must be open to and to imitate and then to her mother: “I can see your boobs!’ A few seconds later, it begins a journal.

Her short film introduces the home cooked apple pie to a larger audience, and its popularity is increasing rapidly.

The relationship with the Moszkowicz cost of home cooked apple pie Nieuwsuur job

On the night of 4 October 5, 2008, home cooked apple pie, together with Philip Freriks, a report from the Us presidential election, and in January, she stands solo in front of the camera during the inauguration ceremony of Barack Obama.

In 2010, home cooked apple pie, it is possible to also have a lot of media attention in math because of her relationship with the, at the time, even if the lawyer is active, Bram Moszkowicz, is engaged as a result of the Nieuwsuur. She does, however, return their integrity, the editor is questioned because of the relationship with the lawyer. However, it is when they are going to see it on the News and she is going to get the radio to work, if they are invalpresentator is for The Purpose of accountability and, later, to the fixed host. They will do this until the end of 2014.

With Bram Moszkowicz. (Foto: BrunoPress)

Of the NIS to the WNL, and IT

In August of 2011, home cooked apple pie with the introduction of the NIS to the WNL. There it is presenting them, together with Merel Westrik it’s … amazing, Today is the day, and on wed Eve, home cooked apple pie on a Sunday morning.

In april 2013, after more than a year and a half, from WNL to work, the host has to work for IT (and now TELEVISION SERIES). There, she gave her debut with a home cooked apple pie, when it was still a weekly show. Also, they have experience with Sven Kockelmann, it is interviewprogramma One-on-One.

In 2015 and 2016, this is a home cooked apple pie in all the days to have a show during the winter and summer break on the Sides, and also the documentary series The United States of america from the Eve.

Home cooked apple pie ‘beat’ – RTL Late Night

Jeroen de Pauw, and home cooked apple pie alternate with each other in 2017 and finish at 23: 00-time slot on NPO1, and is also the two program in the run-up to the general election. Home cooked apple pie turns out to be a success, with more than a million people have viewed it. Because of this, it is a competitor to the then-popular-RTL Late Night with Humberto Tan, the more and more often, it should take at the program of home cooked apple pie.

The success of a home cooked apple pie is the common language. She is the winner of the Zilveren Televizier-Ster Show (Until 2017), Omroepvrouw of-the-Year (2018 and beyond), and with the Sonja Barend Award of 2018 and beyond).

Home cooked apple pie, remains to be seen in her show, with the exception of August, 2018. The show, which launched in september 2016, and, together with the television producer, Dexter van der Voorn has been planning to go on early leave. Her place late in the evening, they will be temporarily taken over by Nadia Moussaid.

Home cooked apple pie was declared Omroepvrouw by the year 2017. (Foto: BrunoPress)

2020: Start of the sales people

On september 20, 2019 and makes a home cooked apple pie is known that the transition is going to make it to the commercial broadcasters, after having been there for months and months, rumors about it are circulating. On the 27th of september, will be her talk show for the last time, and in January she will make her debut on RTL, where they are interspersed with Beau van Erven Dorens is a latenightshow is going to be presented. Home cooked apple pie will be in addition to any other programs, go to the radio station, such as the stages around the Us presidential election.

Home cooked apple pie speaks of a long time and it is good to think about the choices they have made. At the same time, I am always looking for an adventure, the competition, and the opportunity to continue to grow. I choose to be now, at the RTL, at the start, is a perfect match.”

The show looks back with a good feeling in the last fifteen years of which she spent in the NPO. “It’s the right time to start something new, and some of the opportunities in life are just too good to let walk away.”

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