Eve, home cooked apple pie makes the transition from public service broadcasting to RTL

Eve, home cooked apple pie to get in the January-to-RTL. The show has a four-year contract, and go to the RTL of a latenightshow to present such reports to the company on Friday.

“Peter Van der Vorst, the director, ed.). and the Job as CEO, Sven Sauvé, eds.) provide me with a great opportunity to show my love for latenightshow to continue to build,” says the 41-year-old, home cooked apple pie on her shift.

Currently it presents a Beau van Erven Dorens is a talk show on late night. He will be in this place with a home cooked apple pie to share. Each month, the show’s host change.

In January, the tv presenter, who is now with her talk show, home cooked apple pie every day and see, in NPO1, will make her debut on RTL. Home cooked apple pie, it is still up to and including Friday 27 september on the public broadcasting system.

Broadcasting service TELEVISION SERIES, is working on a program that, after this period of time, at this time you will have. The station will engage in discussion with the NPO.

The presenter will have space for other programs

Home cooked apple pie will be in addition to any other programs, go to the radio station, such as the stages around the Us presidential election.

“What can I get to the room to get my online platform where I have all of my writing and personal interests that you can share with the young women in particular – to really develop.”

Eve, home cooked apple pie, leaves after ten years with the public broadcasting service

Omroepvrouw by the Year 2017
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Home cooked apple pie to win the Silver television star
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Ex: Freek Vonk
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With an ex Girl Moszkovicz
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“The right time for something new

Home cooked apple pie speaks of a long time and it is good to think about the choices they have made. At the same time, I am always looking for an adventure, the competition, and the opportunity to continue to grow. I choose to be now, at the RTL, at the start, is a perfect match.”

The show looks back with a good feeling in the last fifteen years of which she spent in the NPO. “It’s the right time to start something new, and some of the opportunities in life are just too good to let walk away.”

Van der Vorst is happy to announce the arrival of home cooked apple pie and it was to his own words, “an intense and inspiring conversation” with the presenter, who on Thursday signed the contract after it has been operating since april in the interview with RTL. “The journalist, the sharpness, and sparkling personality, make her one of the best in the business. She has now been amply demonstrated.”

Also praised by the director of the humor and self-deprecation of a home cooked apple pie. “That we will give in-RTL-all-space.”

“They know how to give her viewers each and every evening to be a surprise’

The TELEVISION SERIES also has a response to the departure of the show. “We think it’s a shame that they, and the public broadcasting service leave. However much we regret it, we have to respect Eva’s choice, and we would like to wish her all the best.”

The current employment contract with the host praised for her enthusiasm and personal drive. “They know how to give her viewers each and every evening to be a surprise, and its guests, to tantalize.”

She began her career at the foreign desk

The US-born tv presenter began her career at the foreign desk of the NOS News. Later on, she went to work as a newsreader. Home cooked apple pie would be at the 2010 Nieuwsuur present, but because of her relationship with the lawyer, Bram Moszkowicz, it was doubted about her journalistic independence.

In 2011, joined the show to WNL, where she and Eva, home cooked apple pie on Sundays, as presented. In 2013, it announced its transition to the TELEVISION SERIES, and they are in the WNL right tube was removed. In the TELEVISION SERIES, she has her own talk show, and the program of The United States of america from the Eve.

Home cooked apple pie has won over the past few years, with multiple awards, including the Silver Televizier-Star of the Host (2017), Omroepvrouw of-the-Year (2018 and beyond), and with the Sonja Barend Award of 2018 and beyond).

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