Evacuation of cruise ship in Norway shut down, the ship sails again

The evacuation of a cruise ship sailing in Norway in need was hit, it is Sunday shut down. Helicopters bring will be no more people to the mainland.

“The captain says that he is the situation for the passengers on board are safe”, explains a spokesman of the maritime rescue service.

The authorities began Saturday the people of the ship to pick up and went there at night. The Viking Sky suffered during stormy weather with engine problems.

So far, about 460 of the 1.373 passengers on board met. Seventeen people are due to their injuries transferred to hospitals.


Furniture move about on deck stranded cruise ship Norway

“Never something scary seen’

Dramatic footage shows furniture and plants on the floor sliding of the inclined vessel. Also, parts of the ceiling down. Passengers were doodsangsten. “I’ve never seen something frightening is seen,” said passenger Janet Jacob after her rescue against television station NRK. “The helicopter ride was scary. The wind was like a tornado.”

“We were just sitting down for breakfast when everything started to shake,” said American crewman John Curry according to Norwegian media. “It was a chaos.”

Ship is sailing with assistance of tugs to the port Molde

The crew of the cruise ship has three of the four engines start up. The Viking Sky cruise currently with the assistance of tugboats to the port of Molde, about 80 kilometers away. The search and rescue helicopters remain on standby, in case the evacuation should be resumed.

The Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs shows that it does not have information about Dutch people on board. “We keep our finger on the pulse if there are questions, but that is not currently addressed,” said a spokesman.

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