Evacuation of 70,000 Frankfurters for clean up vliegtuigbom started

Evacuation of 70,000 Frankfurters for clean up vliegtuigbom started

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte

Tens of thousands of inhabitants of Frankfurt have to temporarily vacate their home due to the defusing of a bomb from the Second world War. The evacuation that around 06: 00 is started, is the largest in decades in Germany.

Also patients of two hospitals and residents of ten homes for the elderly have been accommodated elsewhere.

Public transport is almost the whole of the day flat and the sky is partly enclosed. Or planes can land at the airport of Frankfurt, depending on the wind.

The blindganger was Tuesday found during construction work in the district of Frankfurt-Westend, just outside the city centre. It goes according to Bild to a 1800 kg bomb of the type HC-4000 with 1400 pounds of explosives.

Between 18.00 and 20.00 hours of the 70,000 inhabitants return, it is expected.

Vliegtuigbom discovered in Frankfurt

In Frankfurt have more than 60,000 people left their homes before Sunday an unexploded English vliegtuigbom harmless is made.

It is the largest evacuation in Germany since the end of the Second world War.

The bomb, which was discovered during the construction works, is under this tent.

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