Eva home cooked apple pie berates questions about desire to have children

Eva home cooked apple pie berates questions about desire to have children

Eva home cooked apple pie finds it “inappropriate and rude, clumsy manners” to use in interviews to ask a person’s desire to have children.

“People ask you as if you ask what tonight is going to eat,” she says in the AD Magazine.

“From the need to have someone to meet I always have an answer, but I am now getting bad as the me or my female colleagues of a certain age are asked,” explains the talk show host. “I want to make a point and that question as a journalist is also not more.”

“Perhaps it is the threshold to intimate things to ask women lower,” says the 38-year-old home cooked apple pie. “I do not believe that journalists Jeroen Pauw ever want to know how late he gets up, or he’s going to exercise and what he eats. There is me to be asked.”


Home cooked apple pie has since this year a relationship with Dexter of Roach, the producer, that they by America drew for the program, The United States of Eva. They provide no problems when she has her time should be divided between him and her daily talk show.

“Dexie, my dear. Who knows yet with any woman, he has to do? He is also in the box, that helps. On an annual basis, I will two times three months are very busy and the focus is not so great, but at the same time, I am the other half of the year full available. Then I can be with him for lunch, the daily errands, for him to cook. That is a luxury that not everyone has. This is the reality in which this relationship should take place.”

Eva home cooked apple pie will Monday back on tv with her daily talk show, home cooked apple pie. In the new year changing home cooked apple pie and Peacock each other and there throughout the year by a latenighttalkshow on NPO 1.

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