Europol continues to ransomware see as the main cyber threat

Europol continues to ransomware see as the main cyber threat

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Ransomware continues to be the main cyber threat for European citizens and businesses. The gijzelsoftware reached more and more computers and smartphones.

That puts Europol in a Wednesday report published on cybersecurity.

The European investigation says that cybersecuritytrends of recent years, in 2016, have been sustained. In addition, ransomware and bankiermalware the main problems.

Much of this malware, according to Europol can be avoided by simple security practices are easier to handle.


Because debit cards and credit cards getting more secure, cyber criminals are more and more often, the software atms. Attacks, as a result it is becoming more and more complex, establishing Europol.

It is also becoming more common for minors who have been sexually abused by cyber criminals are extorted for money or footage of the victims to collect. Such footage is increasingly using the anonymous ‘Darknet’ spread.


Cyber criminals are increasingly available as ‘mercenaries’ to be used, set the Europol-researchers in the report. The use of such cyberexperts by terrorist groups seems still to be limited.

“There is currently little evidence that their cyberaanvalcapaciteiten go further than simple websitevernielingen”, write the researchers. “The availability of cybercrime tools and services, and illegal goods (including firearms) on the Darknet offer a lot of opportunities to change that.”

According to Europol, the detection of terrorists more difficult by an increasingly broader available versleutelmethodes that authorities can’t crack it. That problem is in recent years increasingly been touched by the investigation and intelligence services.

Privacy experts say that it’s good that encryption is widely available, because citizens and companies, their information will be better able to protect against cyber criminals.

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