European stores reveal the actual cost of fruit and vegetables

Several supermarkets in the whole of Europe will now be the actual cost of vegetables and fruit display, including the costs for the environment. That is an initiative of Nature & More, a subsidiary of bio-distributor Eosta.

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Nature & More states that a lot of vegetables and fruit is actually a cheap price be sold. The supermarket and manufacturer, make it might be of profit to, the environment is running on the current selling prices, not even break-even. Nature & More now share the costs that conventional farming causes to the environment. To the company’s customers convince that organic food not too expensive, but common, food is cheap.

Since recently are in Europe informatiekaartjes that the actual cost of the food show on the basis of six pillars: climate, water, soil, biodiversity, social cohesion and health. For the figures on the cards based Nature & More on the 2014 method developed by the world food organisation of the UN. The research method was, it produced a table of constants that the hidden costs of, among other water pollution and the emission of greenhouse gases can be calculated.

Taxpayers ‘ money

Those costs are now, neither the consumer nor the producer paid. Now yes, at least not directly, because there is quite a lot of taxpayers ‘ money to, for example, water purification, soil remediation and the prevention of erosion. In addition, Nature & More that there is still a lot of costs be deferred to the future – and so, eventually, our children will pay. (EK)

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