European Parliament calls on Turkish accession to stop

European Parliament calls on Turkish accession to stop

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The European Parliament wants the talks on a possible accession of Turkey to the European Union be stopped if a change is made that president Erdogan too much power.

That the parliament Thursday decided.

The influence of the parliament in this process, is however limited. Turkey showed Thursday already know, nothing to feel for the break down of the calls. The ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the decision of parliament is based on “false claims and assumptions”. The Turkish prime minister Binali Yildirim added here later on the day that the decision is not “of value” for Turkey.

In Turkey, took place in april, a referendum was held in which Erdogan the amendment of the law to the people presented. A narrow majority voted in before his plan to the term of office of the president to extend the power of the parliament to reduce it.

Strong and stable

The new legislation should be in 2019 entering. Erdogan sets with the new laws a “strong and stable” Turkey to start that “economic stability and terrorism good fight”. Opponents say that Erdogan, in practice, dominance is given by the new laws.

Moreover, since European observers many large irregularities during the vote. The election would be on a large scale under unfair conditions have expired.

Failed coup

Turkey would still like to join the European Union, but the country first to a large number of conditions must be met, such as freedom of the press and fair justice. These are just two things that Erdogan in the last year, since the failed military coup last year, quite a has reduced.

The Council of Europe, human rights in Europe in the holes, and criticized Turkey recently bright because of the worsening situation in the area of minorities and women in the country. Turkey submitted the first request to be a member of the European Union half a century ago.

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