European offer on streaming services need to thirty percent’

European offer on streaming services need to thirty percent’

Photo: Bloomberg

The European Commission wants streaming services such as Netflix in Europe will have at least 30 percent to European films and series in their offer.

That is in new legislative proposals from the European Commission, where the ministers of the EU countries, talked about, reports Reuters.

The plans were in may 2016 have been announced by vice-president Andrus Ansip (Digital Single Market). Then said Ansip, however, have a quota of 20 percent instead of 30 percent to European films and series.

The measure should provide a “more level playing field” between television channels and fast-growing streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. The proposed quota applies for the total supply of movies and series, but also the offer on the front page of services is advertised must meet the ratio requirements.

Before the legislation, both the European member states and the European Parliament still agree.

One European supply

Before it went the European Parliament already agreed with the plans that the barriers per country for streaming services should make it disappear. Now is the range of, for example, Netflix is still in each European country is different.

Starting in 2018 is that regulation, so that users in the first instance, abroad, the same offer as in their home country. In the long term should also copyrightregels to be addressed, so that the streamingrechten for movies and series in one time for the whole of Europe can be sold.

Streaming services like Netflix to invest more and more in their own series in Europe. So Netflix is already under more home-produced British, Danish, and French series.

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