European member states agree to ‘uploadfilter’ and ‘linktaks’

The European Council, which consists of the 28 member states, on Wednesday approved the controversial reform of the European copyright law. The adjustments include, among others, the so-called ‘uploadfilter’ and the ‘linktaks’.

The netherlands, Finland, Italy, Luxembourg and Poland, supported the reform. Two other EU countries were absent. The consent by the 21 other member states is enough for an agreement on behalf of the European Council.

The ‘uploadfilter’ means that platforms where user content upload, such as YouTube and Instagram, be held responsible for violations of the copyrights.

Critics point out that big tech like Google a filter will apply to claims for damage to occur. This filter leads according to them, to a restriction on the freedom of expression, because it is also legitimate uploaded material would be able to stop.

The ‘linktaks’ means that companies such as Google and Facebook of media publishers must pay for the exhibit of so-called snippets: short extracts of news articles that, for example, on Google News.

Before the reform of the copyright law is, it still must be finally approved by the European Parliament. This happens which is expected in march or april.

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