European Commission investigates radio silence Belgium in eierschandaal

European Commission investigates radio silence Belgium in eierschandaal

The European Commission is examining or Belgium in a timely manner to the call has drawn in the eierschandaal.

Member states are obliged to immediately the European alert system RRASF in Brussels to turn if they become aware of contaminations in food products that the public health may threaten.

The Federal Agency for the Safety of the food Chain (FASFC) reported the presence of the insecticide fipronil in eggs, on 20 July, according to a commissiewoordvoerster Tuesday. The agency was there, according to his own words, however, already at the beginning of June of the height, but because of the concentrations was that the health consumption do not threaten, is not to raise the alarm.

According to the commission, until July 20, along no road information about contaminated eggs shared. Brussels may take legal action if it turns out that the Belgians, in the absence remained. EU commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis (food safety) takes on the case of contact with state secretary Martijn van Dam, responsible for agriculture, and his German colleague, Christian Schmidt.


What are the dangers of eating infected eggs?

Next steps

Berlin and Den Haag are not to speak about the lack of communication and transparency of the FASFC. Schmidt wants even German experts to Belgium and the Netherlands the situation on the spot to assess. The supervision of the food market is the task of the national governments.

The Belgian minister Denis Ducarme (Agriculture) and Maggie De Block (public Health) will be Wednesday in the federal parliament in the parliamentary Committee of Economy and Agriculture heard about the issue.

The Belgian minister of Agriculture Denis Ducarme left Sunday to know that Belgium 57 poultry farms examines the possible contamination with fipronil. Within a few days, expect the Belgian authorities to the results of the research to the companies.

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