European clubs boycott plans Infantino for expansion WK

As the world CHAMPIONSHIPS for clubs is being expanded to 24 participants, will be the European football clubs that are united in the ECA the tournament boycott.

Writes that the association, where 232 clubs member, in a letter to the European bond UEFA. A copy of that letter went to Gianni Infantino, the president of the global bond FIFA.

The board of the FIFA meets Friday in Miami on the ambitious plans of Infantino. He shields with a group of investors, reportedly from Saudi Arabia, which is a whopping 25 billion dollars would be left for expansion of the world cup for clubs, and a global Nations League.

Infantino wants that starting in 2021, not only the continental champions and a team from the host country participate in this world cup, as many as 24 clubs. The ECA sees nothing in such a big tournament, especially because the match schedule is now already overcrowded.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino. ()

Letter signed by, among others, Van der Sar

“We are currently at the adjustment of the club world cup and emphasize that no clubs of the ECA will participate in such a competition”, state in the letter where the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung from quotes.

“It is also against the agreement that we on 20 march 2015, have signed with FIFA. We therefore believe that the FIFA itself to our contractual arrangements.”

The letter is signed by the fifteen members of the ECA, under whose general director Edwin van der Sar of Ajax. In addition to Ajax are also AZ, Vitesse, FC Twente, FC Utrecht, Feyenoord, PSV and sc Heerenveen, member of the ECA.

The association, in which almost all European top clubs are affiliated, has no voice within the FIFA board. The ECA is dependent of the UEFA, which nine seats in the so-called council currently consists of 36 members.

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