EU wants stricter control on export of digital spionagemiddelen

EU wants stricter control on export of digital spionagemiddelen

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The European Commission wants stronger restrictions for the export of technology that can be used for digital espionage or cyber attacks.

The Commission adopted Wednesday a proposal presented to the trade in such technology outside the European borders would further restrict.

With the proposal, the Commission’s so-called ‘dual-use goods’ regulation. That are goods that have both a civilian and military application. This includes, to an increasing extent hardware and software for digital espionage will be useful, but also nuclear material, and aeronautics may, under the rules.

The new rules should prevent that the technology is being exported to countries which may the human rights want to violate. The rules have to be in the whole of the European Union to be harmonised and be made more effective.

D66 Member of the european parliament Marietje Schaake, who had for years been calling for the rules, reacts pleased. “We have clear exportcontroleregels needed to ensure that strategic and dangerous items do not fall into the wrong hands. European products should not be used against the EU for cyber attacks, corporate espionage, or human rights violation in other countries.”

Hacking Team

Last year, the Italian company Hacking Team news of the world, after it was hacked, and internal documents on the street were located. It turned out that the company’s spyware was sold to countries such as Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. In any case in Sudan seems to be the software to be used to critics of the government to spy on you.

In 2014, the locks 41 countries, including the Netherlands, the Wassenaar Arrangement. Also that treaty regulates the trade in dual-use goods and conventional weapon, but is not legally binding.

The new proposal of the Commission has yet to be discussed by the European Parliament and the member states before it can actually be entered.

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