EU puts Google penalty of 1.49 billion euros because of the abuse of power

The European Commission, Google has a new fine, this time because of the interfere of competing advertisers. The search giant must, therefore, 1,49 billion euro to pay.

Commissioner Margrethe Vestager (Competition), made the fine sun morning known. The European Commission states that AdSense, the advertentietak of Google, more than ten years, power has been abused.

“The European Commission has Google fined for abuse of its dominant position in the provision of online advertising in the search engine,” writes Vestager. “The company has set itself shielded from competitors. That is illegal in Europe.”

The EU complained to Google in 2016 for abuse of power on the advertising platform. Websites that have a Google search bar on their pages wanted to post, would since 2006 are required to only serve ads through AdSense. Competitors such as Microsoft and Yahoo could not be ad space purchases.

Placing advertisements competitors in 2009 allowed

In 2009, the rules were relaxed. The placing of advertisements from competing advertisers was allowed, but the web sites had a minimum number of complaints of Google places. The company staged the policy in 2016.

In a statement let Google know “is always to strive to be a healthy market for everyone to help”. “We have already implemented adjustments to some of the concerns of the European Commission. In the coming months, we will perform more changes, so that European rivals are more visible.”

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Two earlier high fines

The European Commission, Google has already twice been a high fine is imposed. In 2017, it had to concern a fine of 2.4 billion euros to pay, because the company has its own product comparison voortrok in the results of search engine.

A year later it turned out that Google have dominant position with the Android mobile operating system would have been abused. The company would themselves according to the EU an unfair advantage. Telefoonmakers, were in the decline of operating system Android required also other Google services. This gave Google a fine of 4,34 billion euro.


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