EU is European barriers streaming services remove

EU is European barriers streaming services remove

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The EU’s barriers per country for streaming services remove, so that, for example, Netflix in the EU as a whole, the same may have. This is a single digital European market a step closer.

The European Parliament, the European member states and the European Commission on Tuesday reached an agreement on the removal of barriers for online media subscriptions. Reports that the European Commission.

By removing the obstacles users will soon be in Europe the same offer for streaming services. Although, for example, Netflix in Europe is available, differs from the offer of films and series per country.

Offer abroad

The new rules, according to the European Commission apply to online subscriptions filmdiensten, sports, e-books, games and music services. It is the first agreement on the modernisation of the European copyrightregels for the creation of a single digital European market.

On the basis of payment details and IP address will later be determined to which content users can access. Thus, according to an example of the EU, a Frenchman on holiday in Denmark have access to the same movies and series as well as at home. It is not clear whether the Danes from that example, then also be able to access the offer of the Frenchman.

All providers of paid online services, the new rules will soon follow. Free services, such as, for example, Missed can decide whether or not their contents outside of the borders available.

From 2018

European commissioner Andrus Ansip (Digital Single Market) is happy with the agreement. “The agreement today provides Europeans tangible benefits,” said Ansip. “People who have home subscriptions to their favorite series, music and sports can enjoy these if they are traveling in Europe.”

Within that goal of a single digital market includes the abolition of roaming charges for mobile calls and internet within the EU. With an agreement to put the European Union a week ago the final step for the complete abolition of roaming charges for European consumers.

The agreement must still be formally approved by the Council of the EU and the European Parliament. Once adopted the rules early 2018 in all Eu member states. That provides copyright holders and subscription services for nine months, the time to the new rules to prepare for.

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