EU funds Buk-manufacturer freeze

EU funds Buk-manufacturer freeze

The freezing of the assets of the Russian maker of the Buk-missiles, Almaz-Antey, the EU is legitimate. That has the European Court of Justice on Wednesday ruled.

The EU imposed in July 2014 sanctions on the state-owned company because it contributes to the destabilisation of Ukraine. The Russian authorities deliver heavy weapons to the separatists in the east of Ukraine, that the guns, according to the judges, inter alia, to use aircraft to bring down.

Or the Buk rocket that in July 2014 flight MH17 brought down was shot by the Ukrainian army or the separatists, according to the court in Luxembourg is not relevant, because that was not the decisive reason for the freezing of the assets of the rakettenproducent.

The state-owned company had the matter brought to the freezing for 2015 and 2016 was null and void. The measure of the EU is, according to the judges, however, “is not disproportionately’, partly because there are no effective alternatives were available to escalation of the conflict.

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