Eu Court orders Poland to cover old-growth forest to cease

Eu Court orders Poland to cover old-growth forest to cease

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The European Court of is sufficient?, Poland Friday, ordered the large-scale logging in the protected primeval forest of Bialowieza immediately. It is one of the many issues that the nationalist and euro-sceptic government in Warsaw recently in conflict with the EU.

The forest by the UN organisation UNESCO, considered to be the world heritage site. The European Commission decided earlier this year to Poland for the Court to-day, after the Polish government the amount of wood in the area harvested should be tripled.

It comes to an interim decision of the Court: it is expected that it will take several years before the case is completed. Until that time, should be to avoid “serious and irreversible harm” is inflicted on the forest, according to the Court.

Bialowieza, on the border between Poland and belarus, is one of the last primeval forests of Europe. It houses the largest herd of European bison and a collection of unique bird and insect species.


According to the ruling Law and Rechtvaardigheidspartij (PiS) is the logging in Bialowieza necessary to the forest to protect against a keverplaag. Environment minister Jan Szyszko said Friday that this year more than a million trees to be cut down because of the beetles.

Environmental activists carry out, however, that the largest part of the trees which are cut down not by that plague was affected. They accuse Szyszko it out of the logging to use the economy in the area – one of the poorest in Poland – to give an impulse. That will vote for PiS, according to the critics.


The ultraconservatieve Polish government has in recent months repeatedly in collision with the EU. Include an attempt to make the government responsible for the appointment of judges of the Polish Supreme court came to the country on strong criticism from Brussels.

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