‘EU-countries will not have a united front in Brexit negotiations’

‘EU-countries will not have a united front in Brexit negotiations’

Photo: AFP

The president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, is said to be doubtful whether the remaining 27 member states of the European Union as a united block to be able to establish during the negotiations about the British retirement.

“The other 27 EU countries do not yet know, but the British have good by how they should play,” said Juncker in an interview with the radio station Deutschlandfunk, that Sunday is broadcast. “They can land A this promise, land B and land C will be something else, and the end result is that there is no united European front.”

Juncker added, however, that Great Britain is not about trade agreements may negotiate, as long as it is still a member of the EU.

The president of the EC concluded further that he stand for election for a second term. Upon assuming office, his goal was to be constructive work to restore confidence in the Union. “But now I am several hours a day preparing for the retirement of a member state. That is not a forward-looking work.”

Political struggle

Juncker (62) was previously minister of Finance and prime minister of Luxembourg. He is now halfway through his term, in 2019 expires. Juncker is known as one of the most experienced European politicians. Between 2005 and 2013 he was the chairman of the eurogroup.

The election of Juncker was a months-long political fight in advance. Previously, the European heads of government a candidate for the EU presidency. But since 2014, the EU commission president nominated by the largest political group in the European Parliament.

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