EU countries want mutual roaming charges, providers reduce

EU countries want mutual roaming charges, providers reduce

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Several European countries want the wholesale prices for data roaming, which providers to each other to count on when customers in the foreign country decrease. So should be avoid roaming charges to consumers will be passed on via higher subscription fees.

EU countries on Wednesday in Brussels in a debate about a new provision that allows the proposed roaming regulation to be adapted. According to the NOS wants the Netherlands is one of fourteen countries that the current proposal would change.

European providers are allowed from June 15, 2017 no longer money from customers asking for the use of the internet abroad. It is thus possible to transfer data within a Dutch subscription with no extra costs in other EU-countries.

The providers need the roaming charges among themselves or with each other to set off against, something that up to 0,85 euro cents per megabyte (8,50 euro per gigabyte) may be requested. This amount would often exceed the costs actually incurred.

Fourteen countries fear that this relatively high groothandelskosten be passed on to the consumer, by subscription fees to avoid. The maximum rates, therefore, must down, they find.


Spain wants exactly the opposite, reports Reuters. That country wants in the short term, higher wholesale prices of 10.50 euros per gigabyte. That would be gradually reduced to 6.50 euro in 2021.

The Spanish plan would be a concession to providers, who fear that the abolition of roaming charges for losses. Especially in holiday destinations earn providers are currently a lot of foreigners who pay for access to the network. A large part of that cost would disappear.

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