‘EU countries should UberPop ban without the approval of Brussels’

‘EU countries should UberPop ban without the approval of Brussels’

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European member states the use of UberPop criminalization, without European Commission approval.

That concludes the attorney general in an opinion to the European Court of Justice.

“Advocate general Maciej Szpunar is of the opinion that the member states in the illegal exercise of transport activities like UberPop to be able to ban and criminalization without the bill in advance to inform the Commission”, reads the conclusion.

Uber is in France sued because of the service UberPop, which allows non-professional drivers other users can carry. According to the prosecutors is Uber this is an illegal taxi service.

“We have the conclusion in the light and wait for the opinion of the court later this year”, said a spokesman for Uber. The company emphasizes that it comes to a lawsuit from 2014 and that UberPop in France since 2015 is not being used.

In 2015 stopped Uber in the Netherlands with UberPop, after the service was illegally declared by the Environment and Transport Inspectorate.

The case may affect other countries where lawsuits over Uber run or be started.

‘No service’

Uber said in the French case, no taxi service, but an information service. The European Commission would, in that case, approval must give for the ban.

The advocate general proposes that the part UberPop specifically focuses on transport. It would therefore not have a wide a part of the information society. The Commission would, therefore, not in the case of need to involve. Thereby referred to the attorney general back to an earlier opinion in a Spanish-Uber-case.

The conclusion of the advocate general is not binding, but serves as a advice for the European Court of Justice. The Court will later decide in the case.

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