EU and Japan threaten North Korea with more sanctions

EU and Japan threaten North Korea with more sanctions

The European Union and Japan are ready to impose sanctions against North Korea to strengthen, as a result of the recent rakettest of the stalinist regime in Pyongyang.

Both superpowers, that is giving support to a resolution that the United States is preparing for the UN Security council.

The Japanese prime minister shinzo Abe, European commission President Jean Claude Juncker and EU president Donald Tusk said Thursday in Brussels that North Korea is the world for “a new level of threat”. They condemned the test, with a possible intercontinental ballistic missile in the “strongest possible terms”.

The leaders call on the UN Security council on the resolution quickly. And Pyongyang must refrain from “further provocations that the regional and international tensions increase” and stop its nuclear and missile programmes.


Russia late Thursday to know the resolution of the US not to support. The country says not sure to know that North Korea is indeed the intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) has been tested. Moscow thinks that it was to be a middellangeafstandsraket, which has a much smaller range.

Statements of the Security council must be approved by all fifteen members. The Russian protest led Wednesday to criticism of the American UN-ambassador Nikki Haley. “If your information need to realize that the rest of the world sees this as an ICBM, provide I am happy,” she told Council.

It is unclear whether Washington and Moscow will still want to try to reach agreement on the matter.

‘Long-range missile North Korea may eventually be possible for America to achieve’

North Korea test new type of intercontinental ballistic missile

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un looks on images Tuesday, July 4, issued by the North Korean news agency (KCNA), how an intercontinental ballistic missile is launched.

According to the North Koreans was the test successful and the rocket would Alaska be able to reach.

The Hwasong-14-rocket would have a height of more than 2,800 kilometers and has an estimated more than nine hundred miles, according to Pyongyang

Kim Jong-un celebrates the successful rakettest at an unknown location in the country.

A day later, on 5 July, threatens the American UN-ambassador Nikki Haley during a spoedzitting of the UN Security council, military intervention in the direction of North Korea

A day later say the Japanese prime minister shinzo Abe, and EU president Donald Tusk, the sanctions against North Korea to strengthen the UN-resolution of the United States to support.

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