Estafetteploeg was final in uncertainty by administrative chaos

Estafetteploeg was final in uncertainty by administrative chaos

The estafettevrouwen could Saturday night not for a stuntje worry in the world cup final of the 4×100 metres in London, but as an excuse should be brought that it is shortly before the start administrative chaos, so the Dutch team long in uncertainty lived.

Reason for the chaos was the injury of Madiea Ghafoor, who had her calf and had to be replaced by Tessa van Schagen.

“In the callroom (the space where athletes have to wait for the race, red.) were all the teams are taken away, but we had to remain seated. And then they said, we don’t know if you can walk,” says Van Schagen.

According to the organization, had a doctor’s note to come out of the injury of Ghafoor. Moreover, it was unclear whether English should still slide in the array. Ad Roskam, technical director of the association of athletics was amazed.

“The organization did not know how the rules were. They did not know which forms we know and don’t in had to fill out, and which doctor to the calf of Ghafoor had to look. They were calling people, but heard that their phone not because they are in the noisy stadium for the matches were to watch. And all of that just before a world cup final.”


Van Schagen: “The baton is going about doing good, but you want to be harder in a world cup final’


Eventually got Van Schagen permission to Ghafoor to replace, but if the sequence doesn’t change anymore. The 23-year-old From Schagen, which is not accustomed to start, as first road.

“And that was weird, because I’m totally not startloopster,” says Van Schagen. “We went there from that, I third carpet would be, just like last year when we were European champion. The button had to quickly order, while we by all the delay at the last moment only could change clothes. We were barely ready for the race. It was chaos.”

With Van Schagen, Dafne Schippers, Naomi Sedney and Jamile Samuel finished in the Netherlands then in 43,07 last in the final which was won by the United States (41,82).

“I find it amazing that we, despite all the chaos the stick around have been”, says Van Schagen. “But in a world cup final, you want harder than we have done.”

Sedney realize that the bills of exchange sharper had been able to, but that the conditions are not wrapped. “I’m cranky with an edge of satisfaction,” said Sedney.

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